February 27, 2000


Anastasi,A.~ Psychological Testing~,6th edition MacMillan,1988,hardcover,817pp
Essential text for this field. Theree or four pages have highlighting. Publ @$47….~.$20

Bender,L.~ A Visual Motor Gestalt Test and Its Clinical Use.~ American Orthopsychiatric Assoc,1938,hardcover,165pp No markings,like new,clean,bright, tight……~$28

Exner, J.E.~ The Rorschach : A comprehensive system ~ volume 1, Wiley – Interscience, hardback , DJ, 488 pages, VG condition, a few pages have highlighting KACAAMIAJY8 ~$20

Ferguson LW.~ Personality Measurement.~ Mcgraw-hill,1952,hardbound,457pp…..~$7

Ferguson,GA.~ Statistical Analysis in Psychology and Education.~ 3rd edition
McGraw-Hill, 1971 hardcover,492pp, like new, no markings…..~$8

Harrower, M~Appraising Personality~ Simon&Schuster,1968(1952),302pp, softcover. An introduction to the projective techniques. VG condition, no markings..BAACFHABM8…~$22

Johnson, O.G. and Bommarito, J.W.~ Tests and Measurements in Child Development : A Hand Book ~ Josey – Bass, Inc. , hardcover, DJ, 518 pages. VG condition. Unmarked . JABAAMIAJY8 ~$20

Kapcan, R.M. ~ Psychological Testing ~ Wadsworth, 1983, 575 pages. Hardcover, Textbook, has some minimal underlining…taafawillm8 ~$8

Lerner EA.~The Projective Use of the Bender Gestalt~. Charles C. Thomas,1972,hardbound,86pp; Like new;heavily illustrated….$10

Luscher M. The ~Luscher Color Test.~ Random house,1969,hardbound,paperback………~ $10 

McNemar, Q.~ Psychological Statistics.~ 3rd edition Wiley, 1962, hardcover,dj,owner's inscription, no other markings….~$7

Messicks,S. and Brayfield,AH. ~Decision and Choice~.Contributions of Sidney Siegal. McGraw-Hill,1964,298pp. This book contains most of Sidney Siegal's published journal articles on the general topics of decision making and choice behavior,plus six other specially prepared papers,by others. VG condition………~.$22

McClave,JT and Dietrich,FH. ~A First Course in Statistics~.4th edition
MacMillan,1992,hardcover,583pp Very clean textbook;has a very few pencil notes……~$12

Murstein, BI. (Ed)~ Handbook of Projective Techniques~ Basic Books, 1965, 934pp.,hardbound, dj. Contains 56 chapters on various tests, VG condition….~$10

Myers,I. Briggs.~ Differing.~ Consulting Psychologists Press,1980,softcover,217pp
Story behind the Type Indicator.3 or 4 pages have underlining……~$15

Nunnally JC.~ Psychometric Theory~McGraw-Hill,1978,hardbound,700pp
Has underlining on a small amount of pages//~$40

Pascal,GR and Suttell,BJ.~The Bender-Gestalt Test.~ Quantification and validity for adults.
Grune &Stratton,1950,hardcover,271pp VG condition,no markings……..~$12

Provost, JA.~ A CaseBook: Applications of the Myers-Briggs Type Indication in Counseling. ~Center for Applications of Psychological Type, 1987, softcover;86pp. Author clarifies MBTI theory by sharing actual counseling experiences with eighteen clients representing all 16 MBTI types. Like new…~$5

Sax, G. ~ Principles of Educational and Psychological Measurement and Evaluation ~ Wadsworth Publ. Co., 1989, (1980), hardcover, 679 pages, Like New. Textbook, unmarked. TAAC7HABJY8~$10

Terman, LM.~ Stanford – Binet Intelligence Scale ~ Houhton Mifflin, 1973, (1937) 3rd revision, hardcover, 453 pages, . Except fun owner’s name in the new condition. BAABACRLFOLJY8 ~$10

Terman, LM ~ Stanford – Binet Intelligence Scale ~ Houhton Mifflin, 1962, hardcover, 363 pages, Like new Condition TAAFAFLA8 ~$10

Wechsler, D. ~The Measurement and Appraisal of Adult Intelligence ~4th edition.
Williams and Wilkins, 1968, hardbound, 307pp. Has yellow highlighting on several pages….~.$10

Wechsler, D ~Measurement of Adult Intelligence,~ 3rd edition Williams & Wilkins, 1944, 258 pp.
Previous owner's inscription, otherwise unmarked. ~$20

Weiss,NA.~ Elementary Statistics~ Addison-Wesley Publ,1989,hardcover,565pp
Clean. About 10 pages have highlighting…..~$10