if a book is listed here as 'new', it means that it is new, but I only have one copy and it isnt mailed from the publisher, but from me



1`Alcock, J ~ Animal Behavior~ Sinaur, 1975, hardcover, 547 pp. Unmarked…yabaaf08 ~$22

Alberts,B~Molecular Biology of the Cell~Garland, 1989, 1210 pages, owner’s name , but otherwise unmarked…dadaaflA9..~$35

Allee, WC ~ Animal Life and Social Growth ~ Willams and Wilkins , 1932, hardcover, dj, 159 pp. Signed by author….taahfl08 ~$25

Ariano,MA~Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Neostriatal Function~Landes, 1995 hardcover, almost new condition…sahaabkstrS9…~$22

Ariano,MA~Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Neostriatal Function~Landes, 1995 hardcover, almost new condition…sahaahamS8…~$25

Barnett, SA ~ The Rat ~ Aldine Publ 1963 hardcover, dj, 288 pp. Clean, unmarked….saafafla9 ~$12

Beck, SD ~ Animal Photoperiodism ~ Holt 1963 hardcover 124 pp. Ex- Library but very clean…yaafafla9 ~$14

Biological Sciences Communication Project~The Baboon—An Annotated Bibliography,with added materials 1607-1964~
The southwest foundation for research and Education,1964,642pp
Huge book; reviews 401 articles.Extensive index. Ex lib, but VG~$40

Bradford, H ~ Chemical Neurobiology, an Introduction to Neurochemistry ~ Ed., W.H. Freeman ,1986…Like new…intM9…..~$22

Brensnick, E ~ Functional Dynamics of the Cell ~ Academic Press, 1968, hardcover, 480 pp. Owner’s name but no other markings , nice book….saabafl08 ~$24

Brinkley BR and Porter KR~International Cell Biology 1976-1977~
Rockefeller University Press,1977,hardcover,694pp
Contains various chapters on Plasma membrane organization,cell-to -cell communiction,etc. like new condition~$24

Bruice,TC~Bioorganic Mechanisms~WA Benjamin,1966,trade softcover,362 pp..VG..~$12

Butler, JAV ~ Inside the Living Cell ~ Basic Books, 1959, Hardcover, 174 pp. Unmarked….zaabafl08 ~$5

Clutton-Brock,TH~Readings in Sociobiology~Freeman,1978,trade softcover,392 pp..VG condition.. faafagarO8…~$12

Cowan WM and Ferendelli JM.~Approaches to the Cell Biology of Neurons~
Society for Neuroscience Symposia Volume 2,1977,461pp
Typical sections: "Extrinsic influences on the developing neuron","Role of calcium in transmitter release"..VG condition~$20

Davidson, EH ~ Gene Activity in Early Development ~ Academic Press, 1976, hardcover, 452 pp. Owner’s name but no other markings….kaafafl09 ~$24

Fillenz, M ~ Noradrenergic Neurons. Ed., Cambridge UniversityPress, Cambridge. (1990)Like New -paper......................fagaaintMy9.............~$30

Foulds,L~Neoplastic Development~Academic Press,1969,hardcover,dj,439 pp…VG condition,saabaflO8..~$20

Friedrich, H ~ Man and Animal ~ Paladin, 1972, paperback, 141 pp. Some yellowing. Has chapters by major ethologists…zaabafl08 ~$9

Gans C. ~Biomechanics~Univ of Michigan Press,1974,softcover,259pp
The study of adaptation. Not really neuroscience,but interesting stuff…~$22

Granit,R~The Purposive Brain~MIT Press,1979, trade new.. dacaabkstrAg9~$13

Groves,P~Introduction to Biological Psychology~Wm C Brown Co. ,1979.has some minimal pencilled notes, one page has highlighting..Very good general survey of everything…sadaaebJy9…~$10

Eccles,JC~The Understanding of the Brain~McGraw-Hill,1977,softcover,243 pp.A few pages in the beginning have highlighting…kabaaatlF9..~$14

Hickman, CP ~ Biology of the Invertebrates ~ OV Mosky, 1973, hardcover, 2nd Edition, VG condition…kacfafl08….~$40

Langston, J ~ Neurotoxins and Neurodegenerative Disease ~ Ed., Now York Academy of Sciences, New York. (1992) Like new - paper - Vol 648....................fagaaintMy9.....~$40

Jastrow R.~ The Enchanted Loom: Mind in the Universe~
Simon &Schuster,hardcover,183pp.
Explains how breakthroughs in astronomy,biology,and brain sciences have provided a new view of the origin,nature, and destiny of the human race. NEW~$9

Harris,GW~The Pituitary Gland~University of California Press, 1966 in 3 volumes each about 600pp .. Bound in red leather. Ex-library,but structurally excellent, clean. In volume 1,pages have a wrinkle to them,possibly the book was made like this, could be due to water , except there is no evidence of pages sticking together…. QdaaaebS9….~$100

Kandel E,Greengard P,Gershon MD and Fischbach G~FIDIA Research Foundation Neuroscience Award Lectures~
Liviana Press,1987,hardcover,dj,174pp.Has several interesting chapters~$35

Kandel, ER ~ Principles Of Neural Science ~ Elseior/North Holland, 1987, trade softcover, 749 pp. Owner’s name, no other markings, cover has fold…kaahffl08 ~$24

Kennedy , D ~ From Cell to Organism ~ WH Freeman, 1967 (1950) trade softcover, 256 pp. Contains 24 chapters by various authorities. Cover has slight damage….aabafl08 ~$10

Koller,PC~Chromosomes and Genes~Norton,1971, softcover.. saabaflA9..~$6

Kluver,H~ Behavior Mechanisms in Monkeys~Univ of Chicago Press,1960(1933) trade softcover,381 pp..Owner’s stamp,some yellowing. Has introduction by Karl lashley…yaafagarO8..~$20

Kuffler,SW~From Neuron to Brain~ Sinnauer, 1984 , 2nd edition,hardcover,651 pp,…~$24

Koller, RC ~ Chromosomes and Genes ~ WW Norton, 1971 (1968) trade softcover, 13 pp. Laabafl08 ~$7

Krieger DT,Brownstein MJ, and Martin JB. ~Brain Peptides~
Wiley,1983~hardcover,1032ppContains 39 chapters by various authors~$40

Kutscher, CL ~ Readings in Comparative Studies of Animal Behavior ~ Xerox College 1971 hardcover 444 pp. Clean and unmarked…fadaafla9 ~$30

Lang CM~Animal Physiologic Surgery~Springer,1976,softcover,180pp
Real good basic text;covers all systems~$6

Lockwood, APM ~ Aspects of the Physiology of Crustacea ~ Freeman 1967 hardcover, dj, 327 pp. Small owner’s name, otherwise unmarked, clean…sadaafla9 ~$35

McElroy , WD ~ Cell Physiology and Biochemistry ~ Foundation of Modern Science, 1964, trade softcover, 126 pp. Unmarked….eaacffl08 ~$10

Munn NL~Handbook of Psychological Research on the Rat~
Houghton-Mifflin Co.,1950,597pp
Contains many chapters in these Main categories:Unlearned Behavior,General Activity,Motives,Emotions and Hoarding,Sensory Proceesses, Maze Behavior… many others. Very comprehensive work. VG+ condition~$50

Purves,D~Body and Brain:A Trophic Theory of Neural Connections~Oxford 1988, trade softcover, like new condition… qahaabkstO9…~$20

Rashevsky,N~Mathematical Biophysics:Psycho-Mathematical Foundations of Biology~Dover,1960(1938).softcover,Volumes 1 and 2 .. about 490 pp each volume. Like new condition..kafaaebMy9..~$44

Ronland,LP~Molecular Genetics in Diseases of Brain, Nerve,&Muscle,~Oxford,1989,hardcover, dj,480 pp… Like new condition….~$26

Rosenblum LA and Cooper RW~The Squirrel Monkey~
Academic Press,1968,hardcover,458pp. Contains 14 chapters by various authors. Ex lib,but VG condition~$35

Rosenzweig,M~Biological Psychology~Sinnauer, 1996, textbook, c. 800 pp. Several pages in beginning have highlighting,otherwise , clean… dabaaflO9..~$28

Sandbank U and Bubis JJ.~ The Development of Synapses. A Review~Brain Information Service,University of California,1974,softcover,39pp~$10

Sandbank U and Bubis JJ.~ The Pathology of Synapses. ~Brain Information Service,University of California,1974,softcover,49pp~$10

Sandbank U and Bubis JJ.~ The Morphology of Motor Endplates~Brain Information Service,University of California,1974,softcover,72pp~$10

Schrier AM and Stollnitz F.~ Behavior of Nonhuman Primates~
Academic Press,1971,hardcover,dj,206pp.
Chapters: "Development of Social behavior";"Activity profiles of Primate Groups","Vision", Hearing"; DJ is torn, otherwise,VG. ~ $20

Schleif, RF ~ Wensink. Practical Methods in Molecular Biology ~ Ed., Springer-Verlag, New York. (1981).....VG..............fagaaintMy9...~$20

Schmidt,FO~The Organization of the Cerebral Cortex~MIT Press, 1981, hardcover, dj, 592 pp.has many fine chapters by leaders in the field.. dust jacket has tear,orthewise VG++.. wcaaebF9…~$70

Seeman P and Brown GM~ Frontiers in Neurology and Neuroscience Research1974~
Neuroscience Institute,Univ of Toronto,1974,softcover,154 pp.
Proceedings of the First International Symposium of the Neuroscience Institute,University of Toronto. Contains really good articlesonneurotransmitters,neuroendocrinology,degenerative diseases,growth and regeneration…~$30

Society for Neuroscience~Society For Neuroscience Abstracts~1980 #6,915pp1984,#10,part1,688pp1985,#11,part 2 ,approx 600pp…each~ $3

Sokoloff L.~Metabolic Probes of Central Nervous System Activity in Experimental Animals and Man~Sinnauer,1984,softcover,97pp
Brief summary of pioneeering work. Mint condition…~$35

Stacy, RW ~ Essentials of Biological and Medical Physics ~ McGraw – Hill 1955 hardcover, dj 586 pp. Clean , unmarked…facaafla9 ~$30

Stent, GS ~ Molecular Genetics ~ Freeman, 1978, 2nd Edition, hardcover, 771 pp. Owner’s name, no other markings…kabaafl08 ~$14

Stern,H~The Biology of Cells~Wiley,1965,hardcover,548 pp..dabfaflA9…~$12

Thorpe,WH ~Animal Nature and Human Nature~ Anchor, 1974,hardcover, 435 pp ..~$22

Von Frisch,K~Man and the Living World~Time,1962,softcover,294 pp, VG..saafaflA9…~$6

Wallace,RL~Invertebrate Zoology~~Prentice-Hall,1959,softcover,337 pp…VG condition..sabaaflA9..~$12

Walker,WF~Functional Anatomy of the Vertebrates~Saunders,1987, textbook.. clean ,but has owner’s name and some minimal highlighting.. gacaagdwllF9…~$24

Weissmann,G~The Woods Hole Canata~ Dodd, Mead & Co.,hardcover, dj, 1985..230 pp…~$20

Wilson,EO~Biodiversity~National Academy press,1992,trade softcover, 520 pp. About 10 pages have highlighting… cover has some small folds….kabaaatlF9..~$15

Wittrock, M.C.~ The Human Brain ~ Prentice –Hall, 1997, softcover, 213 pages, ..Contains 8 chapters by various authorities, (Wittrack, Bogen, Gazzaniga, Jerison, Krashen, Nebes, Teyler, ) GAAFAGOLA8 ~$8

Wolfe,SL~ Molecular and Cellular Biology~Wadsworth,1993,hardcover, 1145 pp..VG..…~$32

Woody CD,Alkon D, and McGaugh J.~ Cellular Mechanisms of Conditioning and Behavioral Plasticity~
Plenum Press,1988,hardcover,535pp
Contains 47 chapters by various authors~$35

Young, JZ ~ The Life of Vertebrates ~ Oxford, 1981, hardcover, 645 pp. Owner’s stamp on ends of pages..lacfafl08 ~$32