if a book is listed here as 'new', it means that it is new, but I only have one copy and it isnt mailed from the publisher, but from me


February 20, 2000




Abreu, S.H., Van Nostrang, D. and Ziessman, H.A. ~ Selected Atlases of Bone Scintigraphy (Atlas of Clinical Nuclear Medicine) ~SP. 1992. 140 pp. New. ..{Internal Medicine}..~$40

Adler MW~Diseases in the Homosexual Male~
SP,1988,204pp,publ @ $64.50 Bloomsbury series in clinical sciences. New…...{Internal Medicine}..~$10

Allwood M and Wright P~ The Cytotoxics Handbook~2nd edition,Radcliffe Medical Press,1993;Publ @$69….New…$30

Anderson LL~ Interstitial Brachytherapy—Physical,Biological and Clinical Considerations~
Raven Press,1990,360pp…New…..~ $40

Bostwick J~ Perspectives in Plastic Surgery,~Volume 7,No 2
Quality Medical Publ.,1993,180pp…New…...{Internal Medicine}..~$30

Brobeck, JR ~ Physiological Basis of Medical Practice ~ Willams and Wilkins 1979 hardcover 10th Edition ..{Internal Medicine}..~$12
Brobeck, JR ~ Physiological Basis of Medical Practice ~ Willams and Wilkins 1979 hardcover 9th Edition ..{Internal Medicine}..~$12

Cerra FB~Perspectives in Critical Care~
Quality Medical Publ,1988 Vol 1,no 1,183 pp…New …..{Internal Medicine}..~$10

Cerra FB~Perspectives in Critical Care~
Quality Medical Publ,1989 Vol 2,no 1,175 pp…New …..{Internal Medicine}..~$10

Coggle, JE ~ Biological Effects of Radiation ~ Taylor and Francis , 1983, 247 pp, hardcover, dj. Has highlighing throughout book…kaabafl08 ..{Internal Medicine}..~$12

Dobbins WO~ Diagnostic Pathology of the Intestinal Mucosa~
SP,1990,217pp,with 124 illustrations. An atlas and review of biopsy interpretation;Publ @ $108……New…..{Internal Medicine}..~$20

Egdahl,RH~Manual of Soft Tissue Surgery~
SP,1983,214pp with 248 color illustrations….New…..{Internal Medicine}..~$30

Forman SJ~ Bone Marrow Transplantation~
Blackwell,1994,942pp;Publ @$195…new…...{Internal Medicine}..~$40

Hadziyannis S~ Hepatitis Delta Virus~
Wiley -Liss,1993,493pp. Molecular biology,pathogenesis, and clinical aspects..New…..{Internal Medicine}..~$40

Hadziyannis, S ~Hepatitis Delta Virus~ Wiley-Liss 1993. New... 493pp. Molecular Biology, Pahogenesis, and Clinica aspects: Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposiumon Hepatitits Delta Virus, held at Rhodes, Greece, Hune 8-10 1992. ..{Internal Medicine}..~$40

Hamasson J P & Bell, N J ~Cryothererapy in chest medicine~
113pp. 1992 ... New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$18

Hannah, K J and Ball, M J ~Computers in Health Care. Knowledge Coupling. (New Premises and New Tools for Medical care and Education)~ Problem -Knowledge computer Corp. 1991... New ..{Internal Medicine}..~$10

Heath,G G ~RESPIRATORY THERAPY EXAMINATION REVIEW~ Medical Examination Publishing Comapany, 1991. 1st Edition. 600 Mutiple-Choice Questions with Explanatory Answers. Paper Back edition 200 pp. New. ..{Internal Medicine}..~$10

Johnson,B E ~Lung Cancer~ A John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Publication Firts Edition 1995. 347pp. New ..{Internal Medicine}..~$40

Kumar, D ~Clinical Measurement in Coloproctology~ 83 Figures SP 1988. 216 pp. New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$35

Lemoine, N ~ Mutant Oncogenes: Targets for therapy~
Chapman & Hall Medical 1995 209 pp. New.. ..{Internal Medicine}..~$30

Levine, B A ~Perspective in General Surgery~Volume 2, Number 1, 1991 175pp. New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$12

Levine, B A ~Perspectives in General Surgery~Volume 2, Number 2, 1991 140pp. New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$10

Levine, B A ~Perspectives in General and Laparoscopic Surgery~ Volume 4, Number 1, 1993 135pp. New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$30

Levy, J H ~Anaphylactic Reactions in Anesthesia and Intensive Care~
Butterworthn Heinneman1992. 266pp. New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$40

Ljungberg, O ~Biopsy Pathology of the Thyroid and Parathyroid~
Chapman & Hall Medical. 1992. (Biopsy Pathology Series 18) New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$30

Longmire, W P & Tompkins, R K ~Manual of Liver Surgery ~
Richard H. Egdahl, Editor., 1st edition. 1981. Includes 230 illustrations, 142 in full color. 267 pp. New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$40
Melms, C A ~Perspectives in Radiology~Volume 3, Number 2, 213pp New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$24

Nicholls, J ~Restorative Proctocolectomy~ 1993. 166pp New ..{Internal Medicine}..~$10
Nyhus, L ~1991 Surgery Annual: Part 1/Volume 23: Nineteen Nitey-One~
Appleton & Lange. 242pp New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$10

Nyhus, L ~Surgery Annual: Part 2/Volume 23: Nineteen Niety-One~ Appleton &Lange 194ppNew.....{Internal Medicine}..~$10

Nyhus, L ~1992 Surgery Annual: Part 1/Volume 24-Nineteen Ninety-Two~Appleton & Lange258pp New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$10

Nyhus, L ~1994 Surgery Annual: Nineteen Ninety-Four, Volume 26Appleton & Lange,1994 276pp New ..{Internal Medicine}..~$10

Price,SA~Pathophysiology~Mosby1992, fourth edition.. 2 pages have underlning, the n the owner lost interest.. gacaaflA9…..{Internal Medicine}..~$35

Rathi, M ~Current Perinatology; Volume II~ 1990 With 69 illustrations, 3 in full color. 230pp New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$30
Reber, HA ~Surgery of the Spleen~Theime Inc, 1986 167pp New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$35

Remington, J S and Swartz, M N ~Current Clinical Topics in Infectious Diseases (12)~360pp New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$40

Rubbins, G F ~Clio Chirurgia: The Breast~Silvergirl Inc. 1984 Paperback book 294pp New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$40

Rosen, P P ~Pathology Annual: Part 1/Volume 27 - Nineteen Ninety-two Appleton & Lange1994 358pp New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$35

Rosen, P P ~Pathology Annual: Part 2/Volume 27 - Nineteen Ninety-twoAppleton & Lange1994...... NEW......366pp ..{Internal Medicine}..~$35

Rosen, P P ~ 1994 Pathology Annual: Part 2: Nineteen Ninety-Four~Appleton&Lange1994 264pp. New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$10

Rosen, P P ~1994 pathology Annual: Part 1/Volume 29 - Nineteen Ninety-fourAppleton& Lange....1994 326pp New ..{Internal Medicine}..~$10

Schlossberg, D ~Clinical Topics in Infectious Disease - Orthopedic Infection~SP 1988 1st Edition, With 37 illustrations 182pp publ@$115. New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$40

Schruck, T R ~Perspectives in Colon and Rectal Surgery~
Quality Medical Publ,1991. Volume 4, Number 1. 184pp New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$10

Schruck, T R ~Perspectives in Colon and Rectal Surgery~
Quality Medical Publ. 1991. Volume 4, Number 1. 184pp. New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$10

Schwartz, SI ~ Principles of Surgery ~ 4th Edition Mcgraw – Hill hardcover 1984 (1969) 2150 pp. ..{Internal Medicine}..~$12

Spaltenoltz, W ~ Hand Atlas of Human Anatomy ~ JB Lippincott Co, no date, hardcover 897 pp. VG+ ebb8 ..{Internal Medicine}..~$60

Starzi, T E ~Clio Chirurgica "LIVER TRANSPLANTATION"~Silvergirl Inc. 63pp New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$40

Tos, M ~Cholesteatoma and Mastoid Surgery~ Preceedings of the III conference on Chlesteatoma and Mastoid Surgery, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 5-9, 1988. 1243pp. New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$35

Verkauf, B S ~Congenital Malformations of the Female Reproductive Tract and Their Treatment~
Appleton & Lange,1993,240pp. New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$20

Warren, J B ~The Endothelium. An Introduction to Current Research~ Wiley-Liss 1990. 317pp. New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$35

Webster, G ~Reconstructive Urology,~ Volume 1~
Blackwell Scientific1993. 493pp. New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$40

Young, R E & Scully, R E ~Testicular Tumors~ American Society of Clinical Pathologist. 1990 1st edition. 230pp. Many color photos and plates, New... ..{Internal Medicine}..~$20