February 20, 2000


Abhayananda,S~History of Mysticism~Atma,1994,trade softcover,454 pp.. gaeaaflO9..~$22

Bolen,JS~The Tao of Psychology~Harper,1979, trade softcover, like new.. daafaflO9..~$10

Bruner,J~On Knowing~Athenum, 1970,paperback165 pp. Like new condition,..waafaflO9…..~$8

Bruner,J~A Study of Thinking~Science Editions 1962,trade softcover, clean, no markingsaafaflO9..~$10

Dethlefsen,T~The Challenge of Fate~Coventure 1989, trade softcover,clean, VG zaafaflO9..~$12

Eccles,J~The Wonder of Being Human~Macmillan1984,hardcover,dj,like new… sadaaflO9..~$24

Fromm, E~Man For Himself~Reinhart,1947, First edition , hardcover, very clean,VG… sabaaflO9..~$22

Fromm,E~The Heart of Man~ Harper,1968, trade softcover, clean, one smallinscription ,otherwise unmarked.. habaabkstrO9…~$10

Goffman,E~The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life~Doubleday 1959, paperback, like new.. facaabkstO9..~$10

Hampden-Turner,C~Radical Man~Doubleday, 1971, paperback, VG ,clean.. sabfaabkstO9.. ~$12

Hebb,DO~The Organization of Behavior~Wiley,1957(1949). Hardcover..cover shows some wear, spine a little loose… faafaflO9….~$60

James,W~Talks To Teachers~Dover,1962(1899),trade softcover, VG condition… saafaflO9..~$12

Klinger,E~Meaning and Void~University of Minnesota Press1977, trade softcove, like new condition.."Inner Experience and the incentives in peoples Lives"412 pp… dacaaflO9..~$20

Kluckholm,C~Culture and Behavior~Macmillan,1962,trade softcover, VG, except has owner’s name on end of pages, but no other markings…waafaflO9..~$10

Kubler-Ross,E~Death~Prentice-Hall, 1975,hardcover,like new condition… faafaflO0..~$12

Ostrander,S~Psychic Discoveries behind the Iron Curtain~Bantam,1971, paperback, some yellowing.. saafaflO9..~$6

Lilly,JC~The Center of the Cyclone~Julian Press, 1972, trade softcover, unmarked and clean VG + condition… gaeaabkstrO9….~$18

Maslow,A~Motivation and Personality~Harper&Row, 1970, 2nd edition, trade softcover. Has some underlining, otherwise clean… qbaaabkstrO9..~$22

Milner,M~The Supressed Madness of Sane Men~Tavistock 1987, trade softcover, like new condition.. dacaabkstrO9..~$24

Skinner,BF~Beyond Freedom & Dignity~Bantam,1971, paperback… clean….sabaabkstrO9..~$8

Sternberg,RJ~The Psychology of Human Thought~Cambridge University Press1988 trade softcover, like new condition.. sacaaflO9…..~$22

Taimini,IK~A Way to Self-Discovery~Theosophical Publ.9quest Publ.) 1970(1967) trade softcover, like new condition…rafaabkstrO9..~$22

Perls,FS~Ego,Hunger,and Agression~Random House,1969(1947)trade softcover, some yellowing… SAAFAFLo9..~$12

Piattelli-Palmarini,M~Inevitable Illusions~Wiley,1994,hardcover, dj.. saeaaflO9…~$18

Piddington,R~The Psychology of Laughter~Gamut Press, 1963, trade softcover, ,like new condition..saafaflO9..~$12

Poulet,G~Studies in Human Time~Harper,1956, trade softcover, like new…daafaflO9…~$14

Stephenson,J~Humanities Search For the Meaning of Life~Diemer, 1990, 3rd edition, trade softcover, like new condition"A brief survey of history,philosophy, religion,art , music , and architecture"… saafaflO9…~$12


Abrahamsen, D ~ Crime and the Human Mind ~ Columbia University Press, 1944, hardcover, 242 pp. Ex-medical library, never checked out…..kafaaebn8 ~$20

Adler, A~What Life Should Mean To You~Putnam’s, 1958, paperback, VG….sabaaflO9~$6

Adler A. Understanding Human Nature.Greenberg,1946, 286pp;hardcover,dj…..$12

Adler, A ~ Le temperament nerveaux ~ Petit Bibliotheque Payot 1976 paperback 204 pp. VG ~$6

Allport GW . The Nature of Prejudice.Doubleday,1958,softcover,495pp
Comprehensive and detailed account of the phenomenon of prejudice……~$4

Allport, GW ~ The Nature of Prejudice ~ Doubleday, 1958, softcover, 496 pp. Nice copy, small owner’s name. wabaaatlf9….~$7

Allport, GW ~ Letters from Jenny ~ Harcourt, 1965, trade softcover, 221 pp. A few pages havecover has small tear. Paahfoclm9…~$22

Allport, G.W.~ The Individual and His Religion ~MacMillan,1962, (1950), trade softcover, 147 pages,. A Study of the psychological aspects of religious behavior, slight yellowing BAABAHABJ8 ~$6

Ansbacher,H ~The Individual Psyhology of Alfred Adler~ Harper,1967,softcover, 1956, 503pp. New condition…… ~$10

Ardrey, R ~ The Social Contract ~ Athenum, 1970, hardcover, dj, 448 pp. Owner’s name, clean. A personal inquiry into the evolutionary sources of order and disorder. wabaaatlf9….~$22

Aronson, E. ~ The Social Animal ~ Freeman, 1972, trade softcover, 333 pages,. Discusses conformity, prejudice, attraction, aggression, etc… A few pages have some very minimal pencil underlining DAABAHABJ8 ~$12

Allport, GW ~ Letters from Jenny ~ Harcourt, 1965, trade softcover, 221 pp. A few pages have underlining, front cover has small tear. Paahfoclm9…~$22

Allport, J ~ Becoming ~ Yale, 1955, hardcover, 106 pp. VG…kaafafla9 ~$22

Amido, EJ ~ Interaction Analysis : Theory Research and Application ~ Addison – Wesley, 1967, trade softcover, 402 pp. Unmarked….yaafafl08 ~$24

Barrett,W~Zen Buddhism:Selected Writings of DT Suzuki~Doubleday,1956(?) paperback..shows normal signs of use.. waafaflO9..~$8


Bateson, G ~ Steps to an Ecology of Mind ~ Ballantine, , softcover, 502 pages. 1972, Owner’s name…tafafln8 ~$12

Beck,WS~Modern Science and the Nature of Life~Doubleday 1961..paperback several pages have underling.. qabaaflO9..~$12

Berger,KS.~ The Developing Person Through the Life Span.~Worth, 1988,hardbound,622pp.Textbook,ex-library,but shows little use……~$10

Bennett,HZ~The Lens of Perception~Celestial Arts, 1987, softcover, clean,unmarked.. gabaagdwllF9..~$11

Bergson, H ~ The Creative Mind ~ Philosophical Library, no date, trade softcover, looks unread, clean. wabaaatlf9….~$12

Berne,E. ~The Mind in Action~Simon & Schuster,1947,319pp,hardbound
Interesting book on "the human mind as the psychiatrist sees it".Slight yellowing…~$10

Barker, R.G~ Ecological Psychology ~ Stanford University Press, 1968 , hardcover, 242 pages. No markings…laafafl08 ~$24

Birren,JE and Schaie KW.~Handbook of the Psychology of Aging. ~
Van Nostraand, 1977, hardbound,dj,787pp.VG condition,no markings……~$20

Birren,J and Kinney,DK. ~Development Psychology~. A Life-span Approach
Houghton-Mifflin,1981,hardcover,696ppTextbook.Like new……..~$10

Bloom, A ~ The Closing of the American Mind ~ Simon and Schuster, 1987, trade softcover, 392 pp. Looks unread. wabaaatlf9….~$10

Bolen JS~The Tao of Psychology~Harper &Row,1979,softcover,111pp
relates concepts of Tao and synchronicity. GAACFFLO7~ $8

Bois,JS~The Art of Awareness~Wm.C. Brown1978,3rd edition trade softcover, shows some wear..faafaflA9..~$10

Bois, JS ~ The Art of Awareness ~ Wm. Brown Company, 1978, 3rd edition, trade softcover, 391 pp. Has some highlighting, shows moderate wear… Paahfoclm9…~$12

Boring EG, Langfeld HS,and Weld H~. Introduction to Psychology. ~
Wiley,1939, hardbound,652 pp.Has small owner's stamp in several locations. This book is of some historical interest, and interesting to read,too…………….~$10

Botwinick, J.~ Aging and Behavior,~2nd edition
Springer, hardbound,dj, 404pp. Has some underlining……~$5

Branden, N. ~ The Disowned Self ~ Bantam, 1971, paperback, 237 pages, VG condition NAACFHABM8 ~$5

Branden,N~The Disowned Self~Nash, 1971, hardcover,dj, no markings… saafaflA9..~$11

Branden, N ~ The Disowned Self ~ Nash Publications, 1978, hardcover, dj, 256 pp. No markings, front end page is price – clipped. Paahfoclm9…$14

Branden, N ~ The Psychology of Self – Esteem ~ Nash Publications, 1969, hardcover, dj, 242 pp. Dj shows some wear; pencilled notes on rear end pages. Paahfoclm9…~$14

Branden,N~The Psychology of Self-Esteem~Bantam,1971paperbacklike, newconditionHaacabksto9…~$10

Branden,N~The Psychology of Romantic Love~Tarcher,1980,hardcover, dj, mylar cover. new condition...jakaabkstJa0..~$22

Bolen, JS ~ The Tao of Psychology ~ Harper, 1979, 108 pp. Softcover, like new condition. Paahfoclm9…~$8


Campbell, D ~ The Mozart Effect ~ Avon 1997 hardcover . like new….kaeaaalf9 ~$18

Branden, N ~ The Psychology of Self-Esteem ~ Bantam, 1982, paperback, 260pp. Clean. wabaaatlf9….~$5

Bromberg, W ~ Crime and the Mind ~ Lippincott, 1948, hardcover, 219 pp. Ex-medical library; never checked out, clean….lafaaebn8 ~$20

Brown, WL ~ Introduction to Psycho-iconography ~ Schering, 1967, 67 pp. Hardcover. Has owner’s name, some minimal underlining. KalaamacJ9 ~$24

Bruner,JS. ~On Knowing~
Harvard univ press,1966,165pp,hardcover,dj
ex-library, but good condition………….~$15

Bugelski,BR.~ An Introduction to the Principles of Psychology~,2nd edition
"An essay concerning understanding humans";like new condition;nice books……..~$20

Branden, N.~The Psychology of Romantic Love~J.P. Tarcher, Inc.,1980, hardcover, good condition, ….ka198bkstO9…~$15

Bronowski, J.~The Origins of Knowledge and Imagination~Yale Univ. Press, 1978, softcover,…some pencil underlining otherwise good condition, ..ka198bkstO9…~$12

Bunker, MN ~Handwriting Analysis : The Science of Determining Personalitiy by Graphonalaysis ~ Nelson – Hall Co, 1974, hardcover, ,DJ, 256, unmarked, VG condition GAABAGOODJY8 ~$16

Buscaglia, L.~Living, Loving and Learning~Holt, Rinehart, 1982, hardcover, dj, VG,…ka100bkstO9….~$10

Campbell, D ~ The Mozart Effect ~ Avon, 1997, hardcover, dj. Like new condition. wabaaatlf9….~$14

Capra,F~The Tao of Physics~Shambala,1975,trade softcover,owner’s name , no other markings… sadaaebJy9…~$9

Carpenter,F~. The Skinner Primer.~ Beyond Freedom and Dignity>what the BF Skinner debate is all about.Free Press,1974,paperback,224pp
Great discussion and debate of skinner’s ideas……~$12

Carthy, J.D.~The Natural History of Aggression~Academic Press,1964,owner’s name in front, dj,VG, …sabaaflO9…~$10

Clark AM and Clarke ADB. ~Mental Deficiency.~Free Press,1965, hardbound, 596pp.Owner's inscription,no other markings,VG condition……………..~$10

Coles R. ~The Moral Life of Children.~
Houghton Mifflin Co. ,1986,softcover,302pp.
Like new condition…………….~$6

Collins, A~The Nature of Mental Things~Univ. Notre Dame Press, 1987, softcover, like new, ….sabaaflO9…~$14

Coon,D. ~Introduction to Psychology.~ Exploration and Application. 3rd edition.
West publ.,1983,655pp,hardback.
Textbook;several pages have pencil underliningor highlighting….~$8

Coon D~Essentials of Psychology~Worth Publ,1991,softcover,682pp
textbook;owner’s name,otherwise unmarked. MAAFAFLO7 ~$20

Chopra,D~The Way of the Wizard~ Harmony Books1995..softcover.. new condition… fabaaflO9..~$8

Crothers B and Paine RS.` The Natural History of Cerebral Palsy.~Harvard Univ. Press,1959,hardbound,299pp.
Thorough coverage of this subject………..~$10

Delay, J ~ Abrege de Psychologie ~ Masson 1975 softcover 488 pp. VG ~$22

De Greene,KB~Systems Psychology~Mcgraw-Hill,1979,hardcover, dj, clean and unmarked,,saafaflA9..~$10

Dethier, V.G ~ Animal Behavior~ Prentice – Hall, 1970(1961)softcover, 152 pages. ~$12

Delgado, JMR ~ Physical Control of the Mind ~ Harper, 1971 (1969) trade softcover, 288 pp. Like new condition Paahfoclm9…~$16

Dewsberry, D.A ~ Comparative Animal Behavior ~ McGraw- Hill, 1978 hardcover, 452 pages. Mint Condition…labbfll08 ~$20

Edwards, B ~ Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain ~ Tarcher, 1979, 207 pp. No markings Paahfoclm9…~$8

Edwards,B~Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain~Tarcher1979..softcover..saafaflA9..~$10


Fromm, E ~ The Forgotten Language ~ Grove Press, 1951, softcover, 263 pages. Unmarked…aahfflo8 ~$10

Csikszentmihaly, M ~ Flow ~ Harper and Row, 1990, hardcover,Dj, 303 pages, Like new condition EACAAFLA8 ~ $11

Feshnger, L ~ A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance ~ Stanford, 1957, hardcover, 290 pp. VG, no markings….aadaafla9 ~$36

Ferris, T~ The Mind’s Sky ~ Bantam, 1992, hardcover, dj, 281 pp. Almost like new condition, unmarked. wabaaatlf9….~$15

Fields, R ~ Chop wood, Carry Water ~ Tarcher, 1984, softcover, 284 pp. Almost like new condition. KacaaatlF9 ~$14

Fisher, H.~Anatomy of Love~Touchstone,1992, softcover, slight tear in front cover otherwise good condition, ..kabaabkstO9, ….~$10

Fisher, H.~Anatomy of Love~Touchstone,1992, softcover, new, but shelfwear.. front cover and first few pages have a fold…otherwise good condition, ..yabaabkstO9, ….~$10

Fodor,JA~Psychological Explanation:An Introduction to the Philosophy of Psychology~Random House , 1968, trade softcover,162 pp.. sadaaebJy9..~$14

Frankl, VE ~ Man’s Search for Meaning ~ Simon and Schuster, 1984(1959) 3rd Edition, trade softcover, 189 pp. One line is underlined, otherwise very clean. wabaaatlf9….~$12

Frankl, VE.~ Man’s Search for Meaning ~ Washington Square Press, 1963, paperback, 219 pages, Cover has fold, some yellowing…PAACPHABM8 ~$4

Frazier, JG ~ The Golden Bough ~ Macmillian, 1943, 752 pp. Kabaaatlf9 ~$20

Freud,S. ~Sexuality and the Psychology of Love.~
Collier,1963,paperback,223pp.New condition…..~$4

Freud,S~Moses and Monotheism~Random House,no date (orig published 1939) paperback. Some .yellowing of pages due to age.. zaafagdwllF9…~$4

Freud S. ~Leonardo da Vinci~. A Study in Psychosexuality.
Vintage,1947??,paperback,122pp. Pages are yellowed…….~$4

Freud S. ~Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality.~
Basic Books,1975,softcover,129pp. New condition……~$8

Freud S.~ Beyond the Pleasure Principle.~
Bantam Books,1959,hardbound,Ex -library copy,but good condition,yellowing of pages.
This book defines the principle of the death urge in human behavior…….~$4

Freud, S ~ The Interpretation of Dreams~ MacMillian, 1923(1913), hardcover, 510 pages. Cacaafl08 ~$34

Freud,S~The Interpretation of Dreams~Avon Books ,no date , paperback,736 pp..good condition wabaaflA9…~$5

Friedrich,H~Man and Animal~Paladin1971, paperback, some yellowing.. saafaflA9..~$7

Fromm, E.~ The Art of Loving~ Harper, 1962, (1956) trade softcover, 146 pages, OAACFHABM8 ~$8

Fromm, E.~ The Art of Loving~ Harper, 1962, (1956) trade softcover, 146 pages, gaafaflO9 ~$8

Fromm, E.~ Religious Perspectives~Harper and Row,1964, owner’s bookplate,some yellowing…..sabaaflO9…~$10

Fromm, E ~ The Heart of Man ~ Harper and Row, 1971 (1964) paperback, 212 pp. Nice copy. wabaaatlf9….~$5

Fromm,E.~ Man For Himself. ~An Inquiry into the Psychology of Ethics.
Holt, Rinehart,Winston,1960, hardbound.Small owner's stamp, VG condition……….~$20

Fromm, E ~ Man for Himself ~ Holt, 1961, (1947), hardcover, 254 pages, VG condition LAACFHABM8 ~$20

Fromm E. ~Psychoanalysis and Religion~Yale Univ. Press,1963,softcover,119pp.
Has underlining,notes……..~$5

Fromm, E. ~ Beyond the Chains of Illusion ~ Pocket Books, 1963, paperback, 198 pages. An evaluation of Karl Marx and sigmund Frued…. CAABAHABJ8 ~$4

Fromm, E ~ Escape the Freedom ~ Holt, 1963, (1941) hardcover, 304 pages, Has owner’s stamp , and unobobtrusice dampstains an inside front and rear covers, otherwise very clean ~$8

Fromm E. The Art of Loving
Harper&Row,1956,hardbound, dj,133pp. Fair condition…..~$4

Fromm ,E. ~The Forgotten Language~. An Introductionto the Understanding of dreams,fairy tales,and myths.Grove press,1957,paperback.An introduction to the "symbolic language"Cover has fold…………..~$7

Fromm, E ~ The Art of Loving ~ Harper, 1956, 1st Edition, hardcover, dj. Shows some wear, has pencil margenalia, notes….qacaafla9 ~$12

Fromm, E ~ To Have or to Be? ~ Harper and Row ,1976, hardcover, DJ, 215 pages, "…..a major manifesto for a new social and psychological revolution…." Owners Initial , otherwise unmarked YAAFAFLA8 ~$18

Fromm,E~The Anatomy of Auman Destructiveness~Fawcett,1973, paperback..some yellowing, smoke smell.. gabaflO9..~$5

Gardner,H. ~Developmental Pychology.~ An Introduction.
Little, Brown,1978,hardbound,612pp. Has underlining……~$10


Garrett, HE ~ General Psychology ~ American Book Co 1961 hardcover 649 pp. Clean ~$10


Garrett, HE ~ General Psychology ~ American, 1961, Owner’s plate, but otherwise unmarked. Hardcover, 647 pp. KaaaaintF9 ~$6

Gilligan, C ~ The Mapping Moral Domain ~ Harvard, 1988, softcover, 324 pp. VG+ condition…kabaafla9 ~$12

Ginsburg H and Opper S~ Piaget’s Theory of Intellectual Development~
Owner’s name,underlining BAAHFFLO7~$14

Glasser, W.~Stations of the Mind~Harper and Row,1981,DJ, VG,hardcover, sabaaflO9….~$10

Goffman, E ~ Frame Analysis ~ Northeastern University Press, 1986 (1974) trade softcover, 586pp. Looks unread, unmarked. wabaaatlf9….~$12

Graven, J ~ Non-Human Thought ~ Stein and Day, 1974 (1967) 223 pp. Paperback. Owner’s name, but no other markings, looks unread. wabaaatlf9….~$18

Grazia,S de~Of Time ,Work ,and Leisure~Doubleday,1964,paperback,VG condition.. sabaaflO9..~$14

Griffin, DR ~ Archetypal Process ~ Northeastern University Press, 1989, 290 pp. Trade softcover, Almost like new. " Self and divine in Whitehead, Jung and Hillman ". wabaaatlf9….~$24

Grinker,RR. ~Toward a Unified Theory of Human Behavior~ An Introduction to General Systems Theory----Basic Books,1967(1956),softcover,390pp
VG condition;book is unread;25 chapters by various authors…….~$20

Grof, S ~ The Adventure of Self- Discovery ~ State University of New York Press, 1988, trade softcover, 321 pp. Has been read, unmarked, but a few folds, etc… wabaaatlf9….~$12

Haas, S ~ Hearing Voices ~ Dutton, 1990, hardcover, dj, 196 pp. Clean, almost like new. KaaaaintF9 ~$10

Hall, ET ~ The Hidden Dimension ~ Doubleday, 1969(1966) paperback, 217 pp. Back cover is wrinkled, folded. wabaaatlf9….~$4

Hall, CS ~ A Primer of Freudian Psychology ~ Harper and Row, 1982, paperback, 25th Aniv. Edition, has new preface, 129 pp. wabaaatlf9….~$5

Halleck, SL ~ Psychiatry and the Dilemmas of Crime ~ Harper, 1967, hardcover, 375 pp. Ex-medical library, but never checked out. VG condition, has forward by Karl Menninger….safaaebn8 ~$20

Hallman, E.T.~ The Silent Language ~ Premier, 1963 (1959), paperback, 185 pages. An anthropologist reveals how people "talk" to each other without the use of works FAABAHABJ8 ~$4

Hall, ET ~ The Silent Language ~ Doubleday, 1990 (1959) trade softcover, 209 pp. Cover has fold, wabaaatlf9….~$8

Hamlyn,DW~Metaphysics~Cambridge,1982,trade softcover, VG+ condition… rabaaflO9….~412

Hardman ML, Drew CJ,et al.~Human Exceptionality,~3rd edition
Allyn & Bacon,1990,563pp
textbook. Covers behavior disoroders,mental retardation,learning disabilities,health disorders,visual disorders,health disorders.VG condition,…………~$10

Harlow, H.F ~ Learning to Love~ Albion Publishers Company, 1971, softcover, 122 pages. Has some underlining…raafafl08 ~$18

Handy ,R ~ Value Theory and the Behavioral Sciences ~ Thomas, 1969, hardcover, dj, 198 pp. VG, no markings…kabaafla9 ~$20

Hitchcock, H ~ The Magic of Psychograms : New Way to Power and Prosperity ~ Parker Publ, 1975 hardcover 224 pp. Clean ~$14

Hofstatadter, DR ~ Metamagical Themas ~ Basic Books, 1985, softcover, 852 pp. No markings but front cover has a few small folds and rear cover has (coffee?) stain. Paahfoclm9…~$16

Huffman, K ~ Psychology in Action ~ John Wiley and Sons 1994 (1987) hardcover 654 pp…~$10

Hebb, DO ~ A Textbook of Psychology ~ Saunders, 1967, hardcover, Has highlighting…kabaafla9 ~$10

Hilgard,ER ~Theories of Learning,~ 2nd edition.
Appleton-century-Crofts,1956,hardcover,563 pp.
Classic text.this was someones textbook -lots of highlighting,underlining
some wear…..~$5

Hilgard,ER~Introduction to Psychology~1962,3rd edition, hardcover

has underlining.. sadaaebM9..~$10

Hillman, J ~ Emotion ~ NorthwesternUniversity Press 1961, hardcover, DJ, 318 pages, " A comprehensive phenomenology of theories and their meanings for therapy " BAAFAFLA8 ~$18

Hitchcock, H ~ The Magic of Psychograms ~ Parker Publications, 1975, hardcover, 224 pp. KaaaaintF9 ~$10

Hofstadder,DR~Metamagical Themas~Basic Books,1985, trades softcover..rear cover has stain, otherwise clean..sabaaflA9..~$9

Horney K. ~The Neurotic Personality of Our Time.~
Norton,1937??, hardbound,299pp
Good condition, yellowing , due to age………..~$8



Hyde, MO ~ Brainwashing and other forms of Mind Control ~ McGraw – Hill, 147 pp. Hardcover. Ex-library, but clean. KaaaaintF9 ~$12

Hyde,JS. ~Half the Human Experience. The Psychology of Women,~3rd edition.
Heath,1985,trade paperback,482pp.
underlining od 3 pages,otherwise like new…~$12

James,W. ~ The Principles of Psychology ~ Dover (no date) in two volumes , 1374 pages, softcover, The famous iony course complete and unabridged DAAFAHABM8 ~$24

James, W ~ Essays in Pragmatism ~ Hafner, 1952(1948), softcover, 176 pp. Nice copy. wabaaatlf9….~$18

James, W.~ The Varieties of Religious Experience ~ New American Library, 1958, paperback, 406 pages , cover has a tear , some yellowing due to age, MAACHABM8 ~$5

James W ~Textbook of Psychology~
Macmillan, 1908, hardbound, 478 pp Well used, owner's plate, binding cracked, very minor marking on 2 or 3 pages,….. ~$10

James, W ~ The Principles of Psychology ~ Britannica Great Books, hardcovr, 897 pages, Leather Binding, mint condition, RABFAFOLA8 ….. ~$25

Jung CG~. Memories, Dreams,Reflections.~Random-House,1965,softcover,430pp
Some yellowing of pages LAAFAFLO7 ~$8

Jung, CG ~ Modern Man in Search of a Soul ~ Harcourt, Brace. No date. Paperback, 243 pp. wabaaatlf9….~$8

Jung, CG ~ Sanchronicity ~ Bollingen Series, 1973, trade softcover, 135 pp. Clean, no markings. SabaaatlF9…~ SabaaatlF9…~$12

Jung, CG ~ Memories , Dreams, Reflections ~ Random House, 1965, trade softcover, 422 pp. Has small owner’s stamp, but looks unread; some yellowing of pages. wabaaatlf9….~$6

Jung, CG ~ The Undiscovered Self ~ Mentor (no date) paperback. Cover has fold wabaaatlf9….~$4

Jung, CG ~ Analytical Psychology ~ Random House, 1970, paperback, 224 pp. Some yellowing around edges of pages, " The Tavistock Lectures" wabaaatlf9….~$6

Jung, CG ~ Two Essays in Analytical Psychology ~ World Publ. 1969, trade softcover, otherwise appears to be unread. wabaaatlf9….~$12

Jung CG~ The Undiscovered Self~
Penguin(no date) paperback 125pp. Like new condition GAACFFLO7~ $3

Kalat JW~Introduction to Psychology~
Brooks-Cole,1993,3rd edition,718pp
Textbook. New condition SAAFAFLO7~$20

Kalish,RA~Death and Dying~Baywood,1980 , trade softcover, VG cond.. "Views from many cultures"saacfFLA9..~$10

Kalish, RA ~ Death and Dying ~ Baywood Publications, 1977, softcover, 153 pp. " views from many cultures." No markings. Paahfoclm9…~$10

Kardiner,A~The Psychological Frontiers of Society~Columbia,1963(1945)trade softcover.. Like new cond…wabaabkstrD8…~$12

Kazantzakis, N ~ Report to Greco ~ Simon and Schuster (no date) trade softcover, Clean, no markings…gacaafla9 ~$20

Klein, GS ~ Perception, Motives and Personality ~ Knopt, hardcover, 1970 463 pp. Owner’s name, no other markings…lacaagarn8 ~$14

Kleinke, CL ~ Self – Perception ~ Freeman, 1978, trade softcover, 265 pp. Owner’s name, but otherwise unmarked Paahfoclm9…~$10

Kohler, W ~ Gestalt Psychology ~ New American Library (no date) (1947) paperback. Clean…faafafla9 ~$6


Kubler – Ross, E ~ On Death and Dying ~ Collier Books, no date (’70’s) paperback, no markings, and looks unread, but has some yellowing. Paahfoclm9…~$6

Kleinke,CL~Self-Perception~Freeman , 1978trade softcoverowner’s name ,otherwise ,like new "The psychology of personal awareness.."… saacfflA9..~$12

Kimble, D.P~ Psychology as a Biological Science ~ Goodyear Publishing Company, 1973, hardcover, 227 pages. Owner’s stamp, no other markings…waafaf08 ~$10

Kohler,W~The Mentality of Apes~Liveright 1976(1935) trade softcover…NEW…kacaabkstrAg9…~$18

Kohler, W.~ The Place of Value in a World of Facts~Liveright Publishing, 1966, paperback, VG….sabaaflO9…~$10


Kardiner, A ~ The Psychological Frontiers of Society ~ Columbia 1963 (1945) trade softcover, 473 pp. New, but slightly shopworn…kabaabkstrd8 ~$20

Kohler W.~ Gestalt Psychology.~Signet,1970s??,paperback,220pp.
Discusses how the nervous system gives a unitary answer to the total stimulating situation with which it is confronted with at a given time………~$4

Koestler, A ~ The Lotus and the Robot ~ Haper , 1966 (1960) trade softcover, 296 pp. Clean unmarked wabaaatlf9….~$8

Kockelmans,JJ~Edmund Husserl’s Phenomenological Psychology~DuquesneUniv. Press,1967,hardcover, dj… has owner’s name , but no other markings… fabaaflO9..~$24

Kubler-Ross E. ~Death. The Final Stage of Growth.~
Simon &Schuster,1986,softcover,181pp. New condition……..~$10

Kubler-Ross E. ~Death. The Final Stage of Growth.~
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Levitas, G.B.~ The World of Psychology ~ George Braziller, 1963, Volume I " the worlds of Perception and Man and His emotions 563 pages, Volume II Identity and motivation, 583 pages, Ex-Library with usual Library markings Don’t’s appear to have seen used much .Spines a little faded…~$40

Lilly, J.C.~ The Mind of the Dolphin~A non-human intelligence. Doubleday 1967, 310pp. hb, dj. Owner's inscription, otherwise like new……………………….~$22

Lilly, J.C.~The Center of the Cyclone ~ Bantam Books, 1972, paperback, 234 pages, . Has some yellowing due to age. …~$7

Lilly, J.C ~ Man and Dolphin and the World~ Science, 1961 , softcover, 191 pages. Yellowing of pages…baabafl08~$7

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Stanford Univ Press,1974,hardcover,dj,627pp
Part I: Intellect and Achievemant
Part II: Social Behavior
Part III: On the Origins of Psychological Sex Differences………~$25

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Marx, M and Hillix W ~ Systems and Theories in Psychology ~ McGraw- Hill, 1963, 489 pages, hardcover, covers: S fructuralism, Functionlism, associalatism, behaviorism, Gestalt, Psychoanalysis, S-R theory Field theory much more ..Approx 20 pages have underlining / highlighting.. ~$10

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May, R ~ Power and Innocence ~ Dell, 1972, trade softcover, 283 pp. Owner’s name, clean. wabaaatlf9….~$10

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Menninger K.~ Man Against Himself.~
Harcourt,Brace,&World(no date),paperback,423pp
Like new condition………..~$4

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Maltz, M ~ Psycho – Cybernetics ~ Wilshire 1960 trade softcover … ~$5

Marx, MH ~ Psychological Theory ~ MacMillan 1959 (1951) hardcover 585 pp. VG+ condition. A Book of readings, has 47 chapters by various authorities from SS Stevens to Clark Hull to Karl Lashley….fadaaebmy9 ~$20

Maslow, A ~ Toward a Psychology of Being ~ van Nostrand, no date, 2nd edition, trade softcover. 240 pp. Has old price otherwise unmarked. Paahfoclm9…~$10

Mead, M ~ Sex and Temperment ~ Wm Morrow 1963 (1935) softcover. Very clean…kaafaatlf9 ~$10

Montagu, MF ~ Man and Aggression ~ Oxford, 1968, softcover, 178 pp. VG…kaafafla9 ~$8


Mullahy, P ~ The Contributions of Harry Stack Sullivan ~ Hermitage House, 1952 first edition 235 pp. No markings… ~$12

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Menninger,K. ~The Human Mind.~ An Outline of Psychiatry,3rd edition
Knopf,1971,517pp,hardcover,djCovers melancholia,schizophrenia,anxiety neurosis,hypnosis,paranoia,psychoananlysis,psychosomatic medicine…..~$13

Miller,GA and Buckhout R.~Psychology: the Science of Mental Life,~2nd edition.
Harper &Row,1973,softcover,558 pp.Offers integrated view of psychology and what psychologists do. Good historical treatment of some famous psychologists/physiologists. Has some highlighting…~$8

Miller J~ States of Mind~Pantheon Books,1983,hardcover ,dj,310pp
Discussions with 15 greats of modern psychology including Richard Gregory,Geschwind,Szasz….DAAFAFLO7 ~$12

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Norman,D~The Psychology of Everyday Things~Basic books, 1988, trade softcover , NEW.. gabaabkstrAg9..~$12

Ostrander, S ~ Psychic Discoveries behind the Iron Curtain ~ Bantam 1970 softcover 457 pp. …~$8

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Peck,MS~A World Waiting to be Born~Bantam1993,hardcover,dj like new condition..saafaflA9..~$12

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Piaget J~ Biology and Knowledge~Univ of Chicago Press,1971,softcover,384pp
"An essay on the realtions between organic regulations andcognitive processes" like new condition. GABAAFLO7~$15

Piaget J~ Six Psychological Studies~Random House,1967,hardcover,dj,169pp first PrintingEx-Library,but good condition;no markings inside BAACFFLO7~$14

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Prigogine,I.~Order Out of Chaos~Bantam Books, 1984, softcover, rear cover is folded , has slight smoke smell…..ka598bkstO9…..~$22

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Farrar, Staraus & Cudahy, 1960, hb.,dj. No markings, some yellowing….~$22

Reich W.~ The Function of the Orgasm.~Simon &Schuster,1973,paperback,350ppArgues that total health is dependent on sexual satisfaction. Lots of physiological stuff….~$7

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McGraw-Hill, 1970, 155pp. paperback……………….~.$6

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Rogers, C ~ A Way of Being ~ Houghton – Mifflin, 1980, trade softcover. Owner’s name…kabaafla9 ~$10

Rogers, C ~ A Way of Being ~ Houghton – Mifflin, 1980, trade softcover. Owner’s name…kabaafla9 ~$10

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Real People Press,1967,softcover,276pp RAAHFFLO7~$12

Rogers, CR ~ A Way of Being ~ Houghton Mifflin, 1980, trade softcover, 395 pp. Clean no markings. WabaaatlF9…~$12

Ross JS ~Basic Psychology~Harrap, 1946 ,150 pp, hardbound
Owner's inscription, yellowed pages. Tiny book, 5 x 7.5"…….. ~$4

Russell WR ~ Explaining the Brain~Oxford,1971,paperback,153pp
very good general overview,mostly clinical. No markings, some yellowing. GAACFFLO7~$6

Shaffer JBP and Galinsky MD~Models of Group Therapy and Sensitivity Training~ Perntice-Hall,1974,hardcover,dj,303pp Like new condition~$24

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Rogers, C ~ A way of Being ~ Houghton – Mifflin, 1980, trade softcover, 395 pp. No markings, but foxing of pages. Paahfoclm9…~$10

Rogers, C ~ On Becoming a Person ~ Houghton – Mifflin (no date) 419 pp. Some notes on front page otherwise unmarked. Paahfoclm9…~$10

Riesman, D ~ The Lonely Crowd ~ Yale University Press, 1967 (1950) trade softcover, 315 pp. No markings, looks unread. Paahfoclm9…~$11

Sartre,J-P~Existentialism and Human Emotions~Philosophical library 91970’s ?0 trade softcover.. clean , 2or 3 pages have highlighting.. gaafaflO9..~$12

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Talbot, M ~ The Holographic Universe ~ Harper 1992 (1991 ) trade softcover. VG+ condition…~$7

Schiebinger, L.~ The Mind has No Sex.~ Women in the origins of modern science.
Harvard,1989, 355pp., trade paperback, few pages have underlines…….~.$15

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Schneiderman ES (Ed.) ~Death: Current Perspectives~,2nd edition
Mayfield Publ,1980,softcover,555pp
contains 50 chapters by various authors. VG condition………~$15

Schickendanz JA,et al~.Understanding Children,~2nd edition
Mayfield,1993,671 ppTextbook.In depth coverage of cognitive development from infancy to adolecence.New condition……….~$12

Shuter, R. ~ The Psychology of Musical Ability ~ Methuen, 1960, hardcover, DJ, 347 pages, Owner’s name, otherwise unmarked, Clean bright, tight BAACFGARJY8 ~$20

Skinner BF. ~Beyond Freedom and Dignity~Penguin Books,1973,softcover,218pp.
Good condition,no markings……~$5

Skinner BF .~Beyond Freedom and Dignity.~Knopf,1971,hardbound,dj,225pp
Some pencil underlining……..~$10

Skinner, B ~ Beyond Freedom and Dignity ~ Bantam, 1973, paperback, 215 pp. Clean. WabaaatlF9…~$5

Skinner, B ~ Beyond Freedom and Dignity ~ Bantam, 1973, paperback, 215 pp. Clean. WabaaatlF9…~$8

Skinner, B ~ Beyond Freedom and Dignity ~ Bantam, 1973, paperback, 215 pp. Clean. WabaaatlF9…~$8

Skinner, BF.~ About Behaviorism.~Alfred A. Knopf, 1974, hardbound,dj,272pp.
"…a basic book in which dr. Skinner defines,analyzes,and defends the controversial philosophy that is today almost synonomyous with his name" ~$15

Skinner BF and Vaughen ME. ~Enjoying Old Age~. A Program of Self -Management
Norton,1983,hardbound,dj,157pp. Like new condition……..~$5

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Starker, S ~ F- states ~ Newcastle Publ. 1985, softcover, 216 pages, the Power of Fantasy in himan creativity . Almost Like new condition, TAABAFAA8 ~$10

Stevens, A ~ Archetypes ~ Quill, 1983, Trade softcover, 323 pp. Looks unread, no markings. " A pioneering investigation into the biological basis of Jung’s theory of archetypes. WabaaatlF9…~$30

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owner’s name,very minimal pencil underlining. BAACFFLO7~$18

Thomson R. ~The Psychology of Thinking.~Penguin Books,1964,softcover,215pp
Small owner's inscription,otherwise like new. Discusses,among other things,thinking in animals, children,experiments,maginative thinking,etc….. ~$4

Thouless, RH ~ The Psychology of Religion ~ Cambridge, 1961, softcover, Clean. WabaaatlF9…~$14

Uznadze, D.~ThePsychology of Set~Plenum Publishing,1966, Hardcover,dj,VG,…sabaaflO9…~$10

Vann G~ Morals and Man~Sheed and Ward,1960,revised edition,hardcover,223pp
VG , no markings. BAACFFLO7~$10

Vander Zanden JW. ~Human Development, ~3rd edition Knopf,1985,hardbound,653 pp. VG condition,no markings……~$10

Wallace, FR ~ Neo- tech II ~ I and O Publications, 1982, softcover, 453 pp. No markings. KaaaaintF9 ~$12

Watson JB~ Behavior.~ An introduction to comparative psychology ;Holt, 1914, hardbound, 439 pp Owner's inscription, otherwise fine cond ……..~$40

Watzlawick P.~Munchausen's Pigtail,or Psychotherapy & Reality.~ Essays and Lectures
Norton,1990,hardbound,dj,286pp.New condition;concerned with the nature and structure of human relationships….~$5

Welch,ID,Tate,GA,and Richards,F(Eds)~Humanitic Psychology.~A Source Book
Prometheus books, 1978, softcover, 448 pp..Contains chapters by leaders in the field………..~$12

Weiss, E ~ The Structure and Dynamics of The Human Mind ~ Grune and Straton, 1960, 471 pp. Shows a little wear, cover has a small stain. KaaaaintF9 ~$12

Weiner, H ~ Neurology for the House Officer ~ Willams and Wilkins, 1983, 3rd Edition, trade softcover, 204 pp. No markings…sabaafl08 ~$10

Wilkes,KV~Physicalism~Humanities Press,1978 (?, maybe later),hardcover, dj.. Vg, but has some foxing..gabfaflO9..~$14

Wittig,AF~Introduction to Psychology~Schaums Outline1977.. no markings342 pp… tabaaGdwllF9~$8

Woodworth, RS ~ Psychology : A Study of Mental Life ~ Holt, 1921, 1st edition, hardcover, 580 pp. No markings. Book has been read, edges of spine a little frayed, but book is clean and tight. Paahfoclm9…~$32

Wittig ~ AF ~ Introduction to Psychology ~ McGraw – Hill, 1977. Schaums Outline Series, 342 pp. Softcover. Covers all of Psychology in one book. Clean. WabaaatlF9…~$10

Writen,W.~ Psychology.~ Themes and Variations.2nd edition. Briefer version
Brooks/Cole,1994Textbook. Mint condition………~$20

Zablock, B ~ The Joyful Community ~ University of Chicago, 1980, paperback. 362 pp. Looks unread. An account of the Bruderhof movement. WabaaatlF9…~$10

Zaleski, C.~Otherworld Journeys~Oxford Univ. Press, 1987, hardcover, good condition, …sabaaflO9….~$14

Zimbardo, P.G.~ Psychology & Life ~10th edition Scott, Foresman, Co. 1979, 767pp. VG condition………….~$5

Zusne, L ~ Anomalistic Psychology ~ Erlbaum 1982 hardcover 498 pp. VG+ about 10 pages have highlightingsafaaebmy9 ~$30