February 20, 2000



Ackerman D. A Natural History of the Senses.
Random house,1990,hardbound,dj.
Owner's inscription,otherwise like new.. Lots of interesting chapters like: "Tatoos",and "The Psychopharmacology of Chocolate" ………….$10

Baker,RR~Human Navigation and the Sixth Sense~Simon &Schuster,1990,hardcover,dj,138 pp.Concerns magnetic sense in humans and how to cultivate it…kabaaatlF9…~$30

Boudreau J and Tsuchitani C ~Sensory Neurophysiology~ with special reference to the cat. Van Nostrand Reinhold,1973, hardbound,470pp
Owner's inscription, otherwise like new. Very thorough exposition on all sensory systems. ~$30

Brown,EL and Deffenbacher,K ~Perception and the Senses.~Oxford Univ Press,1979,hardbound,520 ppSome underlining,otherwise,good~ $20

Case,J. ~Sensory mechanisms. ~MacMillan,1966,softcover,113ppVG condition…..~$10

Granit, R. ~Receptors and Sensory Perception.~Yale Univ Press, 1962, 366 pp, softcoverLike new, except for ink mark on lower edge. ~$20

 Koch,S (ed) ~Psychology: A Study of a Science.~ Sensory, Perceptual, andPhysiological formulations.McGraw-Hill, 1959,710 pp , hardbound. Has previous owner's inscription. About 5 pages have some highlighting. Has a great chapter by JCR Licklider, one of the "founders "of the internet. ~$30

Ludel, J. ~Introduction to Sensory Processes.~WH Freeman Co. 1970, softcover, 401 ppHas previous owner's inscription, otherwise like new. ~$15

Manning, S~ Classical Psychophysics and Scaling ~ McGraw- Hill, 1968, hardcover, 97 pages. No markings, small owner’s label…aafafl08…~$12

 Montagu,A. ~Touching~. The Human Significance of the Skin. 2nd edition.Harper&Row,1978,hardcover,dj,384pp.Almost new condition…..~$15

Neff WD ~Contributions to Sensory Physiology, ~vol. 1
Academic Press, 1965, hardcover, dj
Owner's inscription, otherwise fine.Contains chapters by Engstrom, Wersall, DeValois, Guedry,Pieron ~$10

Riulin, R and Gravelle,K. ~Deciphering the Senses.~
Simon &Schuster,1984,237pp, hardbound,dj.
Layman'ssurvey. Includes interesting chapter on extra-sensory perception…$10

Rubanyi, GM(ed)~ Mechanoreception by the Vascular Wall~
Futura , 250 pp; New ~$35Scientific American. ~Perception: Mechanism & Models. ~
Classic articles by Broadbent,Gazzaniga,von Bekesy,Julesz,Rosenzweig, many others…~.$10

Sekuler,R and Blake,R. ~Perception~.2nd edition
A superior textbook. About ten pages have very light highlighting….~$25

Schmidt,RF.~ Fundamentals of Sensory Physiology.~
cover has a fold. Owner's initial,inside..otherwise fine….~.$15

Sternbach,RA. ~The Psychology of Pain.~
Raven Press,1978,hardcover,dj,271pp
Chapters by various authors on: Neural and Neurochemical Mechanisms,Pain and Personality,Hypnosis and Pain,Clinical Aspects of Pain,Neurophysiology,etc……~$25

Rusinov, VS(ed).~ Electrophysiology of the Central Nervous System. ~
Plenum Press, 1970, hardbound, dj,516 ppTranslated from the Russian by Basil Haigh. Contains chapters by mostly Russian physiologists, but also others , incl. Adey, Remond,Brazier,Doty.~ $30

Troland, LT .~The Principles of Psychophysiology~.
Vol. I Psychology and Perception. 420 pp
Vol II. Sensation. 397 pp
vol .III. Cerebration. 446 pp.
Greenwood 1969(reprint of 1932 book). As new.. 3 vol set $ 40