February 20, 2000





Anderson,JR~The Architecture of Cognition~Harvard, 1983, trade softcover, unmarked, but cover has a samll tear /fold… dabfaflO9..{General Neuropsychology}..~$16

Ashcraft, MH ~ Human Memory and Cognition ~ Scott, Foresman, and Company, 1989, hardcover, 769 pp. About 5 pages have underlining…macaafl08 {General Neuropsychology}..~$12

Barbizet,J.~ Human Memory and its Pathology~WH Freeman,1970,198 pp, hardcover,dj. Like new…..{General Neuropsychology}..~$25Best,JB~Cognitive Psychology~West Publ. 1989, 2nd edition, New condition. Says "Instructor’s copy—Not for sale" on cover….wabaaflO9…{General Neuropsychology}..~$23

Boardman,A ~Defence of Phrenology:containing~,I.-An essay on the nature and value of phrenological evidence,II.-A vindication of phrenology against the attack of Dr. John Smith;III. -A view of facts relied upon by phrenologists as proof that the cerebellum is the seat of the reproductive instinct.
Published by Edward Kearney, New York,1847.,222 pp , hardbound
Some splotchy yellowing due to age, minor damage to spine,small book:4.5''x7.5'~'$100

Bryden,MP~. Laterality: Functional Asymetry in the Intact Brain.~
Academic Press,1982,319pp,hardcover,dj.
Ctritcally reviews the major approaches to hemispheric specialization in the human brain.Has owner's name,otherwise ,like new….. {General Neuropsychology}..~$30

Clynes,M~Sentics:The Touch of the Emotions~Doubleday, 1978,trade softcover, new condition….radaabkstO9..{General Neuropsychology}..~$22

Cohen, NJ ~ Memory, Amnesia and the Hippocampal System ~ Bradford, 1994, trade softcoer, 326 pp. New….aiaaufbksn8 {General Neuropsychology}..~$24

Cytowic,RE~The Man Who Tasted Shapes~Warner, 1995,trade softcover, new condition.. saahfflO9…{General Neuropsychology}..~$12

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Deutch,JA (Ed)~The Physiological Basis of Memory~.Academic Press,1973,439 pp hardbound,dj. Previous owner's stamp, shows light use no markings. Contains 10 chapters byfamous memory researchers. {General Neuropsychology}..~$30

Erdmann,E. and Stover,D~. Beyond a World Divided.~ Human values in theBrain-Mind Science of Roger Sperry.Shambala,1991,hardbound,dj,207pp….{General Neuropsychology}..~$12

Gardner, H ~ Art , Mind and Brain ~ Basic Books 1982 trade softcover. Clean and unmarked….kadaafla9 {General Neuropsychology}..~$18

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Gregory,RL(Ed.)~The Oxford Companion to the Mind.~Oxford,1987,paperbound,853pp;Encyclopedia of everything related to neuropsychology……….{General Neuropsychology}..~$25

Gregory,RL~Mind in Science~cambbridge univPress,1981,hardcover, condition, but dj shows some shelfwear, minor dings…tahaabkstO9..{General Neuropsychology}..~$36

Hart,BL ~Experimental Neuropsychology. ~A Laboratory manual
WH Freeman,1969,softcover,102 pp. A basic how-to book. Rats. ..{General Neuropsychology}..~$20
Hellmuth, J ~ Cognitive Studies ~ Brunner/ Mazel, 1970, 508 pp. Like new condition….kabaafla9 {General Neuropsychology}..~$20

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Izard,CE.~Human Emotions~Plenum Press,1978,hardcover,dj,495pp.
Entire book by one author-amazing!..NEW….{General Neuropsychology}..~$24

Izard,CE~Emotions,Cognition,&Behavior~Cambridge University Press,1984,hardcover, dj.. 620 pp VG condition, some pages are a little wrinkly;contains 18 chapters by various authors... fafaabkstrJa09{General Neuropsychology}...~$40

John, ER~Mechanisms of Memory~Academic press~1967,hardcover,unmarked, clean… pabfaaaflO9….{General Neuropsychology}..~$35

Jubak,J~In the Image of the Brain~Softback Preview, 1992, trade softcover, new condition…rafaabkstO9….{General Neuropsychology}..~$22

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Kosslyn,SM and Andersen,RA.~ Frontiers in Cognitive Neuroscience~,1992,trade softcover,699pp
Contains 55 chapters which are reprints of original journal articles. NEW… {General Neuropsychology}..~$30

Luria, AR ~ The Nature of Human Conflicts ~ Lierwright, 1932, 1st Edition, hardcover, 431 pp. VG condition…kabaafla9 {General Neuropsychology}..~$100

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Luria, AR ~ The Man with a Shattered World ~ Harvard, 1972, trade softcover, 165 pp. New condition….agaaufbksn8 {General Neuropsychology}..~$20

Luria,AR~The Man with a Shattered World~Harvard,1987,trade softcover, new condition… dabfaflO9…{General Neuropsychology}..~$12

Luria,AR~The Making of Mind~Harvard, 1979, trade softcover;new… wagaabkstrAg9…{General Neuropsychology}..~$22

Luria,AR~The Working Brain~Basic books, trade softcover, new,but has remainder mark…sagaabkstrAg9..{General Neuropsychology}..~$16

McClelland,JL~Parallel Distributed Processing~, MIT Press, 1988,trade softcover, Explorations in the Microstrrcture of Cognition: Volume 2: Psychological and Biological Models…NEW.. dagaabkstr..{General Neuropsychology}..~$24

Mc Kenzie JG ~Nervous Disorders & Religion~Collier Books, 1957, paperback, 160ppNew~ $3

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Guilford Press,1983,hardbound,dj,389pp.Mint condition…….{General Neuropsychology}..~$12

Rummelhart,DE~Parallel Distributed Processing~MIT Press1989,trade softcover..Explorations in the Microstructure of Cognition. Volume 1: Foundations..547 pp (Volume 2 is by McClelland , above)..NEW.. sagaabkstrAg9..{General Neuropsychology}..~$24

Russell, EW ~ Assesment of Brain Damage ~ Wiley – Interscience, hardcover, dj, 1970, 167 pp….sacaafl08 {General Neuropsychology}..~$20

Sacks,0~. The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat and other Clinical Tales.~Harper,1990,paperback,243pp.Like new……..{General Neuropsychology}..~$6

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Schott,RM~Cognition and Eros~Beacon Press,1988, ardcover, dj, "A Critique of the Kantian Paradigm". Like new condition.. sacaabkstO9… {General Neuropsychology}..~$30

Wolfe,GM~The Mind’s Eye~Scientific American , 1986.. softcover, like new condition..Contains 12 chapters by prominent visual physiologists..Macnichol, Hartline, Hubel, etc..kacaabkstO9..{General Neuropsychology}..~$16

TallandGA and Waugh NC (Eds)~The Pathology of Memory,~Academic Press,1969 hardbound, 292 pp contains chapters by geschwind, HecaenPribam,Broadbent, many others. Previous owner's inscription; {General Neuropsychology}..~$30

Trehub,A. ~The Cognitive Brain~.MIT Press,1991,329pp,trade paperback.
The author presents a detailed model of brain functioning. NEW…{General Neuropsychology}..~$14

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