Cognitive Science, Mind/Body etc





February 20, 2000


Antrobus ,JS~Cognition and Affect.~Little,Brown,1970,hardcover,dj, 210pppHas chapters by Neisser,Rosenberg,singer..WAADACONLJ8..~.$12

Bailey, A. ~The Consciousness of the Atom.~Lucis Publ,1972(1922),,hardcover,VG. ..FAADACONLJ8.....~$15

Bakan, D ~ The Duality of Human Existence ~ Beacon Press, 1966, trade softcover, 239 pp. Owner's name Sabaafla9...~$20

Bateson,G~Steps to an Ecology of Mind~Araonson,1987, hardcover, dj, 544 pp..NEW… sahaabkstrAg9…~$20

Besant,A. ~A Study in Consciousness~Theosophical Publ.1972(1938) hardcover, dj,369pp. Occult classicTADAACONLJ8....~$20

Boden, MA ~ The Creative Mind. Myths & Mechanism~Basic Books, 1990, hardcover, dj,303pp. BAEAAGARN7 new ~$15

Burgess, A. ~ A Mouthful of Air ~Morrow, 1992, hardcover, dj, 416pp. Very learned discussion of language.DAEAAGARN7 new~$16

Campbell, Keith~ Body and Mind~Doubleday Anchor 1970, paperback, 150pp. A volume in the problems in Philosophy series concerned with how the body and mind interact. .......~$5

Caudill, M.~ In Our Own Image~Oxford Univ. Press, 1992, hardcover, dj, 242pp. Building on artificial person. FAEAAGARN7~$15

Chappell, V.C.~ The Philosophy of Mind ~Prentice Hall, 178pp. Softcover…~$10

Churchland, PS.and Sejnowski, T.J.~The Computational Brain~MIT Press, 1992, 544pp.LAEAAGARN7 new....... ~$40

Churchland, PS ~Neurophilosophy: Toward a Unified Science of the Mind-Brain~MIT Press,1986, 546 pp, hardbound, dj; slight wear to dj.In print @$45......~ $25

Churchland PM~Matter and Consciousness~MIT PRESS,1992,revised edition,oftcover,183pp.Like new condition.TAAHFFLO7....~$12

Churchland, PM ~ Matter and Consciousness ~ Bradford, 1993, trade softcover, 184 pp. Like new Sabaafla9...~$15

Colodny, RG ~ Mind and Cosmos ~ University of Pittsburgh, 1966, hardcover, 360 pp. VG+ no markings. Sabaafla9...~$22

Cohen,D~The Secret Language of the Mind~Chronicle Books, 1996, large trade softcover,180 pp.. very heavily illustrated NEW..wagaabkstrAg9..~$15

Crook,JH~The Evolution of Human Consciousness~Oxford Univ Press,1980,trade softcover,445 ppLike new condition WABAAFLO7~$12

Croson, F.J. and Sayer,K.M. (Eds.)~ Philosophy and Cybernetics ~Simon and Schuster Clarion Book, 1968, softcover. 261pp.Unread but some specklingof ends. .......~$10

Elster, J ~ Ulysses and the Sirens ~ Cambridge 1984 (1979) trade softcover192 pp. A few markings inside…faafafl08 ~$20

Davis, J.~ Mother Tongue~Carol Publ. 1994, hardcover, dj,352pp. "How Humans create Language" PAEAAGARN7 new~$15

Dennett, D.C.~ Consciousness Explained~Little, Brown and Co., 1991, softcover, 511pp. VG.........~$10

Dennet , DC ~ Brainstorms ~ Bradford Books 1978 trade softcover 353 pp. Has owner’s name and bookstore stamp, otherwise unmarked and VG…sabaafla9 ~$22

Donaldson, M. ~Human Minds.~ An Exploration.Penguin Books. 1992 softcover 314pp. The central thesis of this book is that we have possibilities for emotional development which are as great as those open tothe intellect. New. ...~$9

Flanagan, O.~ Consciousness Reconsidered~MIT Press, 1992, hardcover, dj.,234pp. CAEAAGARN7, new~$15

Fraser, JT ~ Of Time , Passion and Knowledge ~ George Braziller, 1975, hardcover, dj, 530 pp. Owner's name, no other markings... Sabaafla9...~$32

Gardner, Howard ~The Quest for Mind ~Piaget, Levi-Strauss and the StructuralistMovement.Vintage Books. 1972, paperback, 276pp. Unread,but yellowingpages............~$4

Gelernter,D.~ The Muse in the Machine~MacMillan, 1994, hardcover, dj,211pp."Computerizing the Poetry of Human Thought"NAEAAGARN7 new....~$15

Glass,DC~Neurophysiology and Emotion~Rockefeller Univ Press, 1967, hardcover,230 pp NEW… sagaabkstrAg9..~$35

Griffin, DR~ Animal Minds~Univ. of Chicago Press, 1992,hardcover, dj, 310pp. Discusses what we know about animal cognition.MAEAAGARN7 new...~$15Jahn,RG~Margins of Reality~Harcourt Brace1987 trade softcover.."a watershed book" unmarked..sagaabkstrAg9 ~$20

Hampden-Turner,C.~ Maps of the Mind.~ Charts and concepts of the mind and itslabyrinths.MacMillian/Collier 1982 softcover. "....the first comprehensive attempt to collect ,describe and draw in map form the most important concepts of the human mind put forth by the world's greatest writers,painters, philosophers, and psychologists." Has lots of really cool drawings..............~$24

Hampden- Turner, C ~ Maps of the Mind ~ Collier, trade softcover, 224 pp. Unmarked. Sabaafla9...~$30

Harth, E.~ Windows of the Mind. ~Reflections on the Physical Basis ofConsciousness.William Morrow & Co. 1982 softcover. 285pp. VG condition ..~$8

Hofstadter, D. and Dennett, D.C. ~The Mind's I.~ Fantasies and Reflections onSelf and Soul.Basic Books. 1981 hardcover, 499pp. Contains 27 chapters on mind. Classic text,showing some speckling on ends, otherwiseVG.................................~$15

Hofstader, D. and Dennett, D.C. ~The Mind's I.~ Fantasies and Reflections onSelf and Soul.Bantam Books.,1982. Trade softcover.499pp. like new............~$8

Humphrey N ~. A History of the Mind.~Evolution and the birth of consciousness.Simon &Schuster, 1992 238 pp, hardbound, dj.New. ~$12

Humphrey, N ~ A History of the Mind ~ Simon and Schuster, 1992, hardcover, dj. New condition...ladaaflA9 ~$20

Humphrey, N. ~A History of the Mind. ~Evolution and Birth of Consciousness.Harper 1993 softcover. Exploring the division between sensation and perceptionthe author shows how raw sensations are essential to all conscious states.New.....~$9

Hunt, M. ~The Universe Within.~ A New Science Explores the Human Mind.Simon & Schuster 1982 hardcover, dj. 415 pp. Like new.~ $10

Jaynes, Julian ~The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the BicameralMind.~Houghton Mifflin, 1976, Trade softcover.467pp. like new...........~$12

Koestler, A ~ The Roots of Coincidence ~ Random House, 1972, hardcover, dj, 158 pp. Owner's name. Sabaafla9...~$20

Kosslyn, SM and Koenig,O. ~ Wet Mind. The New Cognitive Neuroscience~MacMillan, 1992, hardcover, dj.548pp. OAEAAGARN7 new, ~$17

Langer, SK ~ Philosophy in A New Key ~ Harvard 1958 (1942) trade softcover 313 pp. Owner’s initial emblazoned on edge of pages coffee?? Stain on cover….kaafafl08 ~$10

Langer, S.~ Mind: An Essay on Human Feeling~Johns Hopkins, 1967, Hardbound, d.j., 485pp.,like new. This is simply the greatest book on this website..................~$25

Lee, P ~ Symposium on Conciousness ~ Penguin, 1977, trade softcover, 182 pp. VG ~$10

Marks,CE~Commissurotomy,Consciousness,&Unity of Mind~MIT Press, 1986, softcover, 57 pp..VG condition…. wafaaebJy9…………..~$20

McColluogh,WS. ~Embodiments of Mind. ~MIT Press,1989,trade paperback,402pp.This edition has some new material....NEW...~$15

Mehl, LF ~ Mind and Matter ~ Mindbody Press, 1981, trade softcover, 315 pp. Volume 1. Owner's name. ~$12

Minsky, Marvin~ The Society of Mind~Simon and Schuster Touchstone Book, 1986 softcover, 339pp. Has some hightlighting throughout...............~$20

Morick, H. (Ed.) ~Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind.~ Readings from  Descartes to Strawson. Scott, Foresman&Co. 1970,softcover 315pp. Someunderlining, etc.....~$5

Morick, H ~ Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind ~ Scott, Foresman and Company 1070, trade softcover, 314 pp. Has some underlining...~$8

Murphy, M ~ The Future of the Body ~ Putnam, 1992, trade softcover, 785pp. Like new. Sabaafla9...~$20

Newman, Erich~ Art and the Creative Unconscious~Harper Torch Books, 1966 softcover, new...........~$10

Neumann ,E~The Origins and History of Consciousness~Princeton University Press, Bollingen series,1973, trade softcover, 493 pp. VG cond.. fagaabkstrD8..~$30

Neumann,E. ~The Origins and History of Consciousness.~ Part II The PsychologicalStages in the Development of Personality. Harper/Bollingen, 1954,softcover.493pp...... ~$22

O'Connor, J. (Ed.) ~Modern Materialism: Readings on Mind- Body Identity~Harcourt,Brace & World, 1969 softcover, 289pp. Fourteen chapters on mind-bodystuff. Owners inscription..............................~$8

Ornstein, R.~ The Evolution of Consciousness. ~The origins of the way we think.Simon& Schuster,Touchstone Book. Softcover 305pp.,small stamp inside otherwiselike new........~$10

Ornstein, RE. ~The Psychology of Consciousness~Viking Press, 1972,hardbound,dj. 247pp. Two or three pages have underlining.~$10

Ornstein, R. ~The Roots of Self.~Harper 1993 like new......~$12.50

Ornstein, R ~ New World New Mind ~ Simon and Schuster 1989 trade softcover 302 pp. No markings, VG …kabaafl08 ~$14

Ouspensky PD~Tertium Organum~Vintage Books,1970(1920),paperback, pages modeately yellowed" ..being rooted and grounded in love,may be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth,and lenght, and depth ,and height". Profound philosophical work---also great for insomniaTAAFAGARSF8...~$8

Penrose, R ~ The Emperor’s New Mind ~ Oxford 1989 hardcover dj 466 pp. Almost like new condition….taafagdwl ~$11

Pietsch, P.~ Shuffle Brain. ~The Quest for the Holographic Mind.Houghton Mifflin Co., 1981,hardbound, dj.273pp. Author discusses in great depththe holographic theory of memory. Small inscription in front otherwise likenew.....~$15

Posner,MI~Images of Mind~Scientific American ,1994, hardcover, dj.Like new condition.. sajaabkstrAg9..~$25

Priest, S.~ Theories of the Mind.~Houghton Mifflin Co., 1991, softcover,233pp. A investigation into the ideas of leading philosphers on the nature of the mind on its relation to the body. New...~$8

Robinson, DN~ An Intellectual History of Psychology~Univ. of Wisconsin Press 1986 softcover. 484pp. Has some underlinings and notes,otherwise structurally fine. ....~$10

Rose, S ~ The Conscious Brain ~ Paragon House (1973) 1989, trade softcover, 465 pp. Owner's name, no other markings... Sabaafla9...~$12

Rosenblueth,A~Mind And Brain~MIT Press,1970, hardcover, dj, clean.. wbaaabkstrJ7..~$20

Rosenfield, I ~ The Strange, Familiar and Forgotten ~ Random House 1993 trade softcover. Clean ….kabaagdwlf9 ~$8

Rosenthal, DM ~ Materialsm and The Mind-Body Problem ~ Prentice - Hall, 1971, trade softcover, 242 pp. ~$10

Ryle,G ~ The Concept of Mind ~ Barnes and Noble, 1949, trade softcover, 134 pp. A Few pages have underlining. Sabaafla9...~$6

Sanford AJ~The Mind of Man~Yale Univ Press,1987,hardcover,dj,141ppDiscusses current models of information processing.GABAAFLO7...$30

Scheer CJ~Mind and Matter~Grove Press,1969hardcover,dj,VG conditionMan's changingconcepts of the material world. I made a mistake when I boughtthis. its really about the development of chemistry-, discusses alchemy,electrochemistry. Very historical. Really cool cover..TAADACONLJ8...~$14

Scher, J ~ Theories of the Mind ~ Free Press of Clencoe 1962 hardcover dj 747 pp. Very Clean…kadaaebf9 ~$32

Schwartz, GE ~ Consciousness and Self - Regulation ~ Plenum Press, 1976, hardcover, dj, 400 pp. VG condition...habaafla9 ~$24

Searle, JR. ~The Rediscovery of the Mind.~MIT Press, 1992 hardcover,dj. 267pp. The book challenges the deepest assumptionsof the cognitive science movement in psychology, linguistics and philosophy. ( 2copies) like new~$15

Sears, S ~ The Discontinuous Universe ~ Basic Books, 1972, trade softcover, 476 pp. VG+ Sabaafla9...~$20

Smith A~. The Mind~Viking Press,1984,hardcoverdj,VG cond...RAADACONLJ8....~$20

Simon, T.W. and Scholes,R.J. (Eds.)~ Language, Mind and Brain ~Lawrence Erlbaum Associates 1982,263pp.hardbound. Has 17 chapters 8, notables inpsycholinguistics,etc. VG, has owners stamp...............~$20

Springer,S.P. and Deutsch,G. ~Left Brain, Right Brain~WH Freeman, 1985, 320pp, softcover.small stain on some pages otherwise likenew..~$12

Sternberg, RJ. ~The Triarchic Mind.~ A new theory of human intelligence.Viking 1988, hardbound, dj., 354pp. Like new. .....~$10

Tart, CT. ~States of Consciousness~Dutton 1975 softcover.305pp. "one of the most important studies of this generation"..........~$10

Tart, C ~ Altered States of Consciousness ~ Wiley, 1969, hardcover, VG, Small owner's name, otherwise very clean...sabaafla9 ~$22

Taylor, GR.~ The Natural History of the Mind~Dutton 1979, hardcover, dj.,370pp.,VG condition...............~$25

Tulku, T ~ Reflections of Mind ~ Dharma, 1975, trade softcover, 198 pp. VG+ Sabaafla9...~$20

Wilber, K ~ Transformations of Consciousness ~ Shambala 1986 trade softcover 356 pp. Rear cover has a fol, otherwise like new…kaafafl08 ~$15

Valiant LG~Circuits of the Mind~Oxford Univ Press,1994,hardcover,dj"While embracing McCulloch and Pitts, the neroidal model also accomodates stateinformation in the neurons,more flexible timing mechanisms..."written by acomputer scientist.. New...FADFAVENFOLJ8....~$20

Weil, A. ~The Natural Mind. ~A New Way of Looking at Drugs and the HigherConsciousness. Houghton Mufflin Co., 1972, 229pp.softcover, VG ~$8

Zukav, G ~ The Seat of the Soul ~ Simon and Schuster, 1989, trade softcover, 255 pp. A Few pages hae underlining. Sabaafla9...~$8