Used and Antiquarian Books

If a book listed here is described as "new', it is new, but I have only one copy of it and it is mailed from me , not the publisher


January 02, 2000


Adachi,M and Sher, JH ~ Neuromuscular Disease: Current Trends in Neurosciences~ Igaku-shoin.,348 pp. Review and synthesis of knowledge in myogenesis,denervation atrophy, muscular dystrophy,myopathy, myasthenia gravis, tumors  .Publ @$120……. New…..~$50


Aita, JA ~ Neurologic Manifestations of General Diseases~ Thomas, 1964, 921 pp. Ex-medical library, with all the usual library markings, but never checked out. Vabaamac#6J9 ~$40


Andrews,BT~Traumatic Transtentorial Herniation,&Its Management~Futura,1991,hardcover,152 pp..New..$22


Baldessarini, RJ ~ Tardive Dyskinesia ~ American Psychiatric Association 1983, trade softcover, 205 pp….kaabafl08 ~$8


Bannister, R. ~Brain's Clinical Neurology~5th edition Oxford Univ. Press,1978,softcover,508pp,like new……~$20


Birkmayer W and Riederer P~Parkinson’s Disease~Springer,1983,hardcover,194pp. Covers biochemistry,clinical pathology and treatment. Shos some weart ,but no markings…BAACFHABM8…~$12


Brain,R ~Diseases of the nervous system ~5th edition  Oxford univ . press,1955, 996 pp, Owner's inscription,basically good,shows some use….~ $10


Boardman,A~ Defence of Phrenology:containing,I.-An essay on the nature and value of phrenological evidence,II.-A vindication of phrenology against the attack of Dr. John Smith;III. -A view of facts relied upon by phrenologists as proof that the cerebellum is the seat of the reproductive instinct~ Published by Edward Kearney, New York,1847.,222 pp , hardboundSome splotchy yellowing due to age, minor damage to spine,small book:4.5''x7.5''~$100


Bolton,CF and Young,GB~ Neurological Complications of Renal Disease ~ Butterworth-Heinneman,1990, 262pp In print @$69.95…. New.. ~$30

Cassell, E.J. ~ The Nature of Suffering ~ Oxford, 1991, hardcover dj, 254 pages No markins…maafafl08 ~$20


Critchton, M ~ Five Patients: The Hospital Explained ~ Knopf, 1970, 1st Edition, hardcover, dj, 239 pp. VG condition.  KabaaatlF9…~$20

Caudill, M ~ Naturally Intelligent Systems ~ MIT Press 1990 hardcover 305 pp. No markings, sliht stains on cover FL08 ~$12


Century, WD ~ Handbook of Behavioral Medicine ~ Guilford 1984 hardcover dj, 575 pp. Owner’s name, but no other markings ; VG condition, clean….taabaafl08 ~$22


Clark,DC and fawcett,J (eds)ANHEDONIA and AFFECT DEFICIT STATES~  PMA ,176 pp contains papers exploring clinicl research on pts suffering from pleasureless states, and chapters on the operation of pleasure centers.  Publ @$35 new…~$10


Chokroverty,S(ed). ~Movement Disorders~ PMA 398pp Parkinson's,tremor,progressive supranuclear palsy, tourette syndrome, others. Publ @$75 New….~$30



Cousins N ~Anatomy of an Illness~Norton,1979,hardcover,dj,169pp. Like new condition..”The life force may be the least understood force on earth”…~EAACFHABM8…~$10


Cutter,C. A ~Treatise on Anatomy,Physiology,and Hygiene~ Lippincott,1880.. shows fair amount of wear, pages starting to come loose, pages yellowed. Has 150 engravings ~$40


Dam M and Gram L ~Comprehensive Epileptology~ Raven Press, 1991, 844 pp, hardboundAs new. Published at $166……. ~$60


Darley FL~Motor Speech Disorders~Saunders,1975,hardcover,304pp. Very comprehensive book. Like new condition…DAACFHABM8….~$28


Duvoisin, RC ~Parkinson’s Disease—A Guide for Patient and Family~Raven Press,1984, 2nd edition,205pp,hardcover. A comprehensive, readable book……….DAACFHABM8…~$10


 Dyck, D ~ Diabetic Neuropathy ~ W.B. Saunders, 1987, hardcover, 322 pp. One page has underlining. Published at 87.50 in 1987…yaafafl08 ~$40


Farriss,B ~The Basics of Neuro-opthalmalogy~ Mosby-Year Book, paperback. Covers everything New…..~$20


Feiling A ~Modern Trends in Neurology~ Hoeber, 1951, hardbound, 716 ppSome staining on one end, otherwise fine . Large book. ~$10


Fromm.Gh and Sessle BJ .~ Trigeminal Neuralgia: Curent concepts regarding pathogenesis and treatment~ Butterworth-Heinneman, 1991, 230 pp ;New ~$35


Flynn, TT ~Strasimus: a Neurodevelopmental Approach~ Blackwell ,1991 ,143 pp . In print@ $72……New…. ~$20

Klawans, HL ~ Toscanini’s Fumble ~ Bantam, 1989, trade softcover, 239 pp. Looks unread KabaaatlF9…~$8


Gilroy,J and Holliday,P ~Basic Neurology~ MacMillan,1982,softcover,372 pp. VG cond…..~$15


Goldstein, PJ,and Stern,BJ(Eds)~ Neurological Disorders of Pregnancy2nd edition Futura,h, 354 pp .hardcover. In print@$55….. New ~$20


Harper, RM and Hoffman,HJ (Eds)~ SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME:Risk factors and basic mechanisms~ PMA., 536 pp. Contains 40 papers  Publ @$150 … New…..~$40


Hobson JA ~Sleep ~ Scientific American Libr. Well written,. Well illus . Publ @ $32.95 …….New..~$15

Sacks, O ~ The Man who Mistook His Wife for a Hat  ~ Simon and Schuster (no date) 230 pp. Trade softcover. No markings. Clean. KabaaatlF9…~$7


Kamholtz,SL  ~Pulmonary Aspects of Neurological Disease~ CRC Press……..New…~$30


Kittredge,M~Pain~Chelsea House,1992,hardcover,111pp…qaabaflO8..~$12


Knighton RS and Dumke PR (eds)~ Pain~  Little, Brown, 1966, hardbound, dj.

Owner's inscription. Conyains 41 chapters by prominent pain researchers. ..~$20


Sacks, O ~ Seeing Voices ~ Harper, 1990, trade softcover, 186 pp. No markings. KabaaatlF9…~$7


Martin, PR ~ Psychological Management of Chronic Headaches ~ Guilford press 1993. Hardcover, 264 pp. Likew new condition...kadaafl08 ~$20



Meinhart, N. Pain. ~A Nursing Approach to Assessment and Analysis~ Appleton -Century-Crofts.,1983 Like new, has some good chapters on "neurophysiological aspects", and "pain syndromes" ~$10


Martin,R ~Matters Gray and White.~ A Neurologist,his patients,and the mysteries of the brain; Henry Holt & Co,1986,hardcover,dj,305pp Mint cond…… ~$10


 Porter, RJ ~Advances in Epileptology XV Epilepsy International Symposium~ Raven press, 1985 hardbound, 687 pp Owner's inscription , otherwise like new. Publ @ ~$120 ~$30


Middleton,AH,Attwell,AH,and Walsh,GO ~Epilepsy ~Little,Brown,1981,hardbound,295pp For layman; almost like new …~$10







Sacks, O ~ Awakenings ~Harper, 1990, trade softcover, 408 pp. No markings. KabaaatlF9…~$7


Saper, JR ~ Handbook of Headache Management ~ Willams and Wilkins, 1993, 205 pp. Like new condition. KabaaatlF9…~$14


Schaller, S ~ A Man Without Words ~ University of California Press, 1991, trade softcover, 204 pp. Like new. KabaaatlF9…~$10


Shealy, CN ~ The Pain Game ~ Celestial Arts, 1976, trade softcover, 145 pp. How to dea with pain…kaabafl08 ~$5


Siegel, RK ~ Fire in the Brain : Clinical Tales of Hallucination ~ Dutton, 1992, hardcover, dj, 275 pp. Like new Conditon. KabaaatlF9…~$10


Saunders, RL and Bernini, PM (eds)~ Cervical Spondlotic Myelopathy~  Blackwell, 1992, 219 pp; In print@ $85……… New ~$40




Sreebny, LM. ~The Salivary System~ CRC Press ,233 pp. Covers:development,neurohistology, regulation of secretion,,etc Publ @140 ………New ~$40




Toivanen, A &P(Eds).~Reactive Arthritis~ CRC Press,186 pp. Publ @ $174 $65

Plum F and Posner JB The Diagnosis of Stupor and Coma, 3rd edition

FA davis,1980, hardbound, 371 pp..Like new ~$25

Waxman.W ~Functional Recovery in Neurological Disease~ Adv in Neurology, vol 47 Raven Press,1988,617 pp, hardbound, dj…. New $~50


Wechsler I. ~Clinical Neurology~9th edition saunders,1963 hardbound, 717 pp ~$15


Weiner, H.L.~ Pediatric Neurology For the House Officer~ Willams and Wilkins, 1982, softcover, 227 pages, Has owner’s name, otherwise VG. GAAFAFLA8 ~$5


Weiner HL and Levitt LP.~ Neurology for the House Officer~2nd edition Williams& Wilkins 1978 softcover, 180pp Has a fair amount of highlighting, structurally ok ~$5


Weintraub,MI and Fass AE(Eds). ~Heart and Brain; Interactions of Cardiac and Neurologic Disease~PMA, 298 pp Discusses syncope,mitral valve prolapse, atrial fibrillation,emboli, depression, resuscitation. Publ @ $69.95 new……~$25


Wolf, SM ~ Neurology Case Studies ~ Medical Exam Publications, 1975, 323 pp. 50 case studies. Ex-Medical Library, with all the usual library markings, but never checked out, VG condition; softcover. Kacaamak#7J9 ~$10


Zohn,DA~Musculoskeletal Pain~Little,Brown,1988,hardcover, dj..VG +,261 pp..~$30


































Kalwans,H~ Newton’s Madness~ Harper&Row, 1990 first edition , hardcover , djj.. almost new condition… gagaabkstO9… ~$18

Sacks,O~The Island of the Color Blind~Knopf ,1997,first edition… hardcover, dj .like new.. sabaabkstO9..~$10

Sacks,O~The Island of the Colour Blind and Cycad Island~Picador,1996 ,first edition… hardcover, dj .like new.. sabaabkstO9..~$15

Weissmann,G~The Woods Hole Canata~Dodd,Mead 1985, trade softcover.. owner’s name 9small) ..otherwise like new.. hacaaflO9..~$14

Wiesser,HG~Presurgical Evaluation of Epileptics~ Springer,1987… hardcover..has owner’s name…also "remainder" stamp.. gaiaaflO9…~$50

Wyllie,E~ The Treatment of Epilepsy~Lea & Febiger, 1993..has small owner’s name Huge book,1238 pp covers everyhting.. gcbaabkstO9..~$100