if a book is listed here as 'new', it means that it is new, but I only have one copy and it isnt mailed from the publisher, but from me


February 20, 2000


Baker, W.F. ~ Clio Chirurgica: The Arteries Part 1 ~Silvergirl, Inc. Soft Cover. Number 7 in a Series. New. ~$22

Baker, W.F. ~ The Arteries. ~R.G. Landes Co. 1992. 502 pp. The Development of Ideas in Arterial Surgery. New ~$40

Barold, S.S. and Mugica, J. ~ New Perspectives in Cardiac Pacing ~Futura. 590 pp. A monograph focusing on the clinical applications of rapidly evolving pacemaker technology with emphasis on rate-adaptive single and dual chamber pacing. Illus. Pub. @ $75. New. ~$25

Bharti, S. ~ Cardiac Surgery and the Conduction System ~2nd editionFutura. 159 pp. Provides a surgical view of the anatomy of the conduction system in various types of congenital abnormalities and gives an in-depth view of the system. Well illus.Publ at $75…. New. ~$25

Bernhard, V.M. and Towne, J.B. ~ Complications in Vascular Surgery ~ Quality Medical Publishing. 1991. 1st edition. 522 pp. Pub @ $98....~$30

Bharati, S. and Lev, M. ~ The Cardiac Conduction System in Unexplained Sudden Death ~ Futura. 399 pp. Based on examinations of over 100 hearts, attempts to show what has been found in the conduction system in cases of unexplained sudden death—some pathological and/or abnormal anatomical lesions. Illus. Pub. @ $115 New… ~$30

Clark, E.B. and Takao, A. ~ Developmental Cardiology: Morphogenesis and Function ~ Futura. 732 pp. Proceedings of a 1989 symposium on the etiology and morphogenesis of congenital heart disease, includes papers on functional aspects of the developing heart, animal modes of abnormal development, and the morphology of human congenital heart defects. Illus. Pub. @ $135 …..New….~$35

Douglas, M.K. and Shinn, J.A. ~ Advances in Cardiovascular Nursing ~ Aspen. 1985. 235 pp. New. ~$10

Egdahl, R.H. ~ Manual of Vascular Surgery. Volume II (Comprehensive Manuals of Surgical Specialties) ~ SP. 1986. 338 pp. Includes 542 illustrations, 482 in color. Pub. @ $306. New. ~$60
Earnshaw, J.J. and Greyson, J.J. ~ Practical Peripheral Arterial Thrombolysis. ~Butterworth-Heinemann. 1994. 207 pp. New. ~$40

Faerber, E.N. ~ Digital Subtraction Imaging in Infants and Children ~Futura. 193 pp. Papers on the principles behiind and techniques of digital subtraction. Illus. New. ~$25

Ginsburg, R. and Geschwind, H.J. ~ Primer on Laser Angioplasty ~Futura. 520 pp. Overview of balloons, lasers, on laser catheters, Excimer and Holmium lasers, on coronary laser gases, surgery, endarterectomy and other devices. Illus. Pub. @ $80. New. ~$25

Goldstone, J. ~ Perspectives in Vascular Surgery, Volume 3 ~Quality Medical Publishing. 1990. 167 pp. New. ~$30

Goldstone, J. ~ Perspectives in Vascular Surgery, Volume 4 ~Quality Medical Publishing. 1991. 174 pp. New. ~$30

Goldstone, J. ~ Perspectives in Vascular Surgery, Volume 5 ~Quality Medical Publishing. 1992. 147 pp. New. ~$30

Goldstone, J. ~ Perspectives in Vascular Surgery, Volume 6 #2 ~Quality Medical Publishing. 1993. 149 pp. New. ~$30~

Goldstone, J. ~ Perspectives in Vascular Surgery, Volume 6, Number 1. ~Quality Medical Publishing. 1993. 133 pp. New. ~$ 30~

Herrman, H.C. and Hirshfield, J.W. ~ Clinical Use of the Palmaz-Schatz Intracoronary Stent ~Futura. 1993. 196 pp. Pub. @ $45. New….. ~$15

Haimovici, H. ~ Metabolic Complications of Acute Arterial Occlusions and Related Conditions (Myonephropathic-Metabolic Syndrome) ~Futura. 328 pp. New. ~$25

Kreisberg, R.A. and Segrest, J.P. ~ Plasma Lipoproteins and Coronary Artery Disease. ~Blackwell Scientific Publications. 1992. 1st Edition. 390 pp. New. ~$40

Ludomirsky, A. and Huhta, H.C. ~ Color Doppler of Congenital Heart Disease in the Child and Adult ~Futura. 118 pp. A text/atlas that uses of 150 color images to elucidate the complex flow relationships in congenital heart defects, includes many examples of the pulsed and continuous-wave Doppler. Pub. @ $75. New.***** ~$25

Kappenberger, L.J. and Lindemans, F.W. ~ Practical Aspects of Staged Therapy Defibrillators. The Bakken Research Center Series Volume 5 ~Futura. 138 pp. Pub. @ $45. New. ~$25

Naccarelli, G.V. ~ Clinical Cardiovascular Therapeutics, Volume 2: Cardiac Arrhythmias. A Practical Approach ~Futura. 583 pp. Papers review major dysrhythmic syndromes and the role of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques in the field of cardiac electrophysiology. Pub. @ $70. New. ~$30

Poole-Wilson, P.A. and Sheridan, D.J. ~ Atheroma – Atherosclerosis in Ischemic Heart Disease. Volume 2. Myocardial Consequences ~Science Press Limited. 1990. 88 pp. New. ~$10

Porter, J.M. and Taylor, L.M. ~ Basic Data Underlying Clinical Decision Making in Vascular Surgery ~Quality Medical Publishing. 1994. 198 pp. Compiled from Annals of Vascular Surgery. New. ~$10

Said, S.I. ~ The Pulmonary Circulation and Acute Lung Injury, 2nd Edition. ~
Futura. 590 pp. Papers on the morphological and pathophysiological basis of lung injury, the mechanisms of lung injury, and modulation, treatments and therapies for lung injuries. Illus. New. ~$25

Stapleton, J.F. ~ Essentials of Clinical Cardiology ~
F.A. Davis. 502 pp. A textbook geared to students, interns, and residents in family practice and internal medicine, provides quick, accurate, "capsule" information about the various facts and problems in cardiovascular diseases. Illus. Paperbound. Pub. @ $21.95. New. ~$10

Veith, F.J. ~ Current Critical Problems in Vascular Surgery. ~Quality Medical Publishing. 1989. 587 pp. 346 illus. New. ~$30

Veith, F.J. ~ Current Critical Problems in Vascular Surgery. Volume 2. ~Quality Medical Publishing. 1990. 475 pp. 188 illus. New. ~$30

Veith, F.J. ~ Current Critical Problems in Vascular Surgery. Volume 3. Quality Medical Publishing. 1991. 443 pp. 186 illus. New. ~$30

Veith, F.J. ~ Current Critical Problems in Vascular Surgery. Volume 4. ~
Quality Medical Publishing. 1992. 470 pp. 246 illus. New. ~$30

Veith, F.J. ~ Current Critical Problems in Vascular Surgery. Volume 5. ~
Quality Medical Publishing. 1993. 468 pp. New. ~$30

Wasserman, A.G. and Ross, A.M. ~ Cardiac Application of Digital Angiography. ~
Futura. 311 pp. Looks at the role of this technique in clinical patient care in papers that look at the principles of digital imaging and its application in evaluating a number of conditions. Illus. New. ~$25

Wyndham, C.R.C. ~ An Electrophysiological Approach to the Diagnosis of Arrhythmias: 1: Tachycardia. ~
Futura. 89 pp. Presents a stepwise approach to the diagnosis of a paroxysmal tachycardia, includes clinical history, physical examination, analysis of the 12-lead ECG, esophageal or atrial electrograms, His bundle recordings, atrial and ventricular programmed stimulation, bedside maneuvers, and judicious administration of antiarrhythmic drugs. Paperbound. New. ~$20

Yao, J. and Pearce, W. ~ Long-Term Results in Vascular Surgery. ~
Appleton & Lange, 1993. 494 pp. 1st Edition. New. ~$40