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Anderson, J.A. An Introduction to Neural Networks.
Aimed at cognitive science and neuroscience students who need to understand brain function in terms of computational modeling, and at engineers who want to go beyond formal algorithms to applications and computing strategies. MIT Pr.,1995, 672pp.
367 illus.  Our Price: $

Arbib, M.A. (Ed.) The Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks
In hundreds of articles by experts from around the world, and in overviews and "road maps" prepared by the editor. Charts the immense progress made in recent years in many specific areas related to 2 great questions: How does the brain work? And How can we build intelligent machines? MIT Pr.1995, 1500pp., $, Our Price:$

Bharath, R. Neural Network Computing.
TAB Bks., 1994, paperback including disk, $, Our price:

Caianiello, E. Neural Nets: Proceedings of the Fifth Italian Workshop
World Scientific Pub.,1993, , Our price: $

Caianiello, E. Neural Nets, Wirn Vietri: Proceedings of the Sixth Italian Workshop, 1993. World Scientific Pub.,1994, $, Our price: $

Caudill, M. and Butler, C. Understanding Neural Networks. Computer Explorations
Vol.1: Basic Networks Vol.2: Advanced Networks
A textbook and workbook that provides a unique interactive learning environment.
Vol.1 covers learning, attractor networks, and hierarchical networks including back-propagation. Vol.2 takes up temporal networks including recurrent networks, self-organizing networks, higher-order networks, and such new directions in neural networks as fuzzy networks and evolutionary networks. MIT Pr.,1992, each volume workbook/software $, Our Price: $

Churchland, P.S. and Sejnowski, T.J. The Computational Brain
First unified and broadly accessible book to bring together computational concepts and behavioral data within a neurobiological framework. MIT Pr.,1992, 560pp.
366 Illustrations, paperback, $, Our Price: $

Cohen, P.R. Empirical Methods for Artificial Intelligence
Presents empirical methods for studying complex computer programs: exploratory tools to help find patterns in data, experiment designs and hypothesis-testing toools to help data speak convincingly, and modeling tools to explain data. MIT Pr. 1995
560pp., $ Our Price: $

Da Rocha, A.F. Neural Nets: A Theory for Brains & Machines, Vol.638
(Lecture Notes in Computer Science Ser.) Springer, 1992,393pp,paperback,
$, Our price: $

Davalo E and Naim P. Neural Networks.
Scholium Int'l.,1991,paperbound text ed.,157pp.$ Our Price:

Dayhoff Neural Net Architectures: An Introduction.
Van Nos Reinhold, 1990, $, Our price: $

Fagin, R. et al. Reasoning About Knowledge
First book to provide a general discussion of approaches to reasoning about knowledge and its applications to distributed systems, artificial intelligence, and game theory.
MIT Pr., 1995, 500pp., $ Our Price: $

Feigenbaum, E.A. and Feldman, J. Computers and Thought
Showcases the work of scientists who not only defined the field of Artificial Intelligence, but who are responsible for having developed it into what it is today.Org. published in 1963. MIT Pr for AAAI Press., 1995, paper, $, Our Price: $1

Franklin, S. Artificial Minds
Tour through the contemporary interdisciplinary matrix of artificial intelligence, cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience, artificial neural networks, artificial life, and robotics that is producing a new paradigm of mind. MIT Pr., 1995,
464pp., paperback, $, Our Price:$ 

French, R.M. The Subtlety of Sameness A Theory and Computer Model of Analogy-Making. Research based on the premise that human analogy-making that attempts to bridge the gap between classical top-down Al and more recent bottom-up approaches.MIT Pr., 1995, 320pp., , Our Price: $

Gargano M. Neural Networks & Genetic Algorithms: Business Applications & Case Studies. Van Nos Reinhold,1993,paperbound,$

Glasgow, J. et al. Diagrammatic Reasoning. Cognitive and Computational Perspectives
Brings together the recent investigations into the cognitive, the logical, and particularly the computational characteristics of diagrammatic representations and the reasoning that can be done with them. MIT Pr., 1995, 500pp., paper, $, Our price: $

Golden, R.M. Mathematical Methods for Neural Network Analysis and Design
Graduate level text teaching students how to use a small number of powerful mathematical tools for analyzing and designing a wide variety of artificial neural network (ANN) systems, including their own customized neural networks. MIT Pr.,1996,
432pp., 350 Illus. $, Our Price: $

Hassoun, M.H. Fundamentals of Artificial Neural Networks
Provides the first systematic account of artificial neural network paradigms by identifying clearly the fundamental concepts and major methodologies underlying most of the current theory and practice employed by neural network researchers. MIT Pr.,1995,
544pp., 160 Illustrations, $, Our Price: $

Hewitson, B. & Crane, R. (Eds) Neural Nets: Applications for Geography.
(Geojournal Library: Vol.29),Kluwer Ac.,1994,208pp, $, Our price:$6

Heiligenberg, W. Neural Nets in Electric Fish.
(Bradford- Computational Neuroscience Ser.) MIT Pr. 1991,176pp.
$, Our price: $

Kasabov, N.K. Foundations of Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, and Knowledge Engineering.
Using a problem-driven approach, this is the first textbook to combine the study of neural networks and fuzzy systems with symbolic Al methods to build comprehensive artificial intelligence systems. MIT Pr., 1996, 544pp., $60, Our Price:$56.00

Korn, G.A. Neural Networks and Fuzzy-Logic Control on Personal Computers and Workstations. Introduces a simple intergrated enviroment for programming displays and report generation. MIT Pr., 1995, $55, Our Price: $49.50

Kosko B.Neural Networks & Fuzzy Systems: A Dynamical Systems Approach to Machine Intelligence. Prentice -Hall,1991, 480pp; $49.00

Langton, C.G. and Shimohara, T. Artificial Life V
Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems. May 16-18, 1996, Nara, Japan. MIT Pr. 1996, 550pp., $65, Our Price:$58.50

Langton, C.G. Artificial Life An Overview
Brings together a series of overview articles that appeared in the first three issues of the groundbreaking journal Artificial Life. MIT Pr.,1995, 336pp. paperback.,
$22.50, Our Price: $20.75

Luger, G.F. (Ed.) Computation and Intelligence . Collected Readings
Brings together 29 readings in Artificial Intelligence, divided into five parts, each reflecting the stages of development of Al. MIT Pr., 1995, 650pp., $35,Our Price: $31.50

Mehrotra, K. et al. Elements of Artificial Neural Networks
Provides a clearly organized general introduction focusing on the practical applications of a broad range of algorithms. MIT Pr., 1996, 384pp., $55, Our price: $49.50

Miller, R. et al. Neural Net Applications & Products.
SEAI Tech Pubns. 1990, 347pp.,paperback, $285.00 Our Price $256.50

Miller, R. & Rupnow, M. Neural Network.
(Survey of Technology & Market Ser.: No. 154) Future Tech Surveys, 1991
$200.00, Our price: $ 180.00

Moreno-Diaz, R. and Mira-Mira, J. Brain Processes, Theories and Models
55 Contributions from the International Conference in Honor of W.S. McCulloch, celebrating the lasting impact he had on the study of the brain and the formal modeling of human intelligence. MIT Pr., 1996, 578pp., $65, Our Price: $58.50

Ram, A. and Leake, D.B. Goal-Driven Learning
Brings together a diversity of research on goal-driven learning to establish a broad, interdisciplinary framework that describes the goal-driven learning process.
MIT Pr., 1995, 572pp., $55, Our Price: $49.50

Sckolnick LB. Neural Networks.
Rector press,1994,720pp,$175.00 ;Our Price:$157.50

Shafer, G. The Art of Causal Conjecture
A new mathematical and philosophical foundation for probability and uses it to explain concepts of causality used in statistics, artificial intelligence, and philosophy.
MIT Pr., 1996, 552pp., $50, Our Price: $45.00

Simon, H.A. Sciences of the Artificial
Classic work on artificial intelligence. MIT Pr., 1996, 215pp.,
paperback, $14.50, cloth, $30, Our Price: $13.05, $27.00

Taylor, J.G. & Manion, C.L. (Eds.) Neural Network Applications: Proceedings of the Second Neural Network Society Meeting (NCM '91), Springer, 1992,paperback,
157pp, $, Our price:

Touretzky, D.S. et al Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 8
proceedings from the 1995 Conference. 152 contributions to this ongoing interaction between theory and experiment, focusing on a wide variety of algorithms and architectures for both supervised and unsupervised learning. MIT Pr., 1996,
1160pp., $, Our price: $