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January 02, 2000



Andermann, Aircardi and Vigevano(Eds.) ALTERNATING HEMIPLEGIA OFCHILDHOOD (International Review of Child Neurology Series) The book begins with an historical perspective on AHC, and continues with clinical findings and diagnostic criteria for the condition. Subsequent chapters examine the natural history and occurrence of the disorder in different patient populations; report on epilepsy and electrographic investigations, metabolic studies, sleep studies, and genetic findings;and explore treatments such as flunarizine, haloperidol,and rectal chloral hydrate. Other chapters address imaging procedures in children with alternating hemiplegia and discuss the latest findings on the relationship of migraine to the disorder. 240pp., 59 illus., 1995, Hardbound, ISBN:0-7817-0163-5 Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;

Anderson, Hauser, Penry and Sing GENETIC BASIS OF THE EPILEPSIES
400 pp., 1982, Hardbound, ISNB:0-89004-676-X Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins
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199 pp., 41 Illus, 1989, Hardbound, ISBN:0-88167-541-5 Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins
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Truly comprehensive in content, one single volume covers all vital knowledge on the diagnosis, management, surgery and drug therapy of cerebrovascular diseases. Leading -edge neurologists and neurosurgeons offer insight on cerebral vasculature in health and disease, cerebrovascular diagnosis, ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke, and socioeconomic and ethical issues. Approx. 1000pp., Approx. 200 illus., some in color, August 1996, ISBN: 0-397-51661-4 Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$    ;Our Price:$

Battistin, Scarlato, Caraceni and Ruggieri (Eds.) PARKINSON'S DISEASE
This volume presents a comprehensive account of the latest basic and clinical research on Parkinson's disease. With contributions from more than 200 leading international investigators, the book covers the entire spectrum of current research on the epidemiology and genetics of Parkinson's disease, particularly the causes of nigrostriatal cell death and the impairment of various neuro-transmitters. Close attention is also given to functional neuroimaging studies using SPECT, PET, MR imaging and spectroscopy. The final section examines new treatment statagies for Parkinson's disease and for the complications of chronic levodopa therapy. 640pp.,154 Illus., 147 Tables, 7x10", 1996 Hardbound, ISBN: 0-7817-0314-7 Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

A Clinical Manual. Second Edition. A comprehensive clinical manual of peidatric neurology. 400pp.,51 Illus., 61 Tables, 1994, Hardbound, ISBN: 0-397-51328-3
Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$ ;Our Price:$

Berger and Levy (Eds.) AIDS AND THE NERVOUS SYSTEM 2nd Edition
Chapters of the book address clinical namifestations of brain and spinal syndromes in a comprehensive yet accessible manner that enables the physician to focus on the likely etiology of a particular clinical problem. Other highlights of the book include detailed information on managing specific illnesses in AIDS patients as well as patient care issues. Approx.400pp,111 Illus. 1996 ; hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
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Bromm and Desmedt PAIN AND THE BRAIN From Nociception to Cognition (Advances in Pain Research and Therapy, Vol.22) 608pp,120 Illus.,4 in full color, 1995.
Hardbound, ISBN: 0-7817-0322-0 Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$ ;Our Price:$

Chapman and Loeser ISSUES IN PAIN MEASUREMENT (Advances in Pain Research and Therapy, Vol.12) 590pp,1989 Hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
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Charcot CHARCOT, THE CLINICIAN The Tuesday Lessons. Excerpts from Nine Case Presentations on General Neurology Delivered at the Salpatriare Hospital in 1887-88 (translated with commentary by Christopher G. Goetz) 224pp.,50 Illus, 1987.,Hardbound, ISBN: 0-88167-315-3 Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins
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Chauvel, Delgado-Escueta, Halgren and Bancaud FRONTAL LOBE SEIZURES AND EPILEPSIES (Advances in Neurology, Vol.57) 768pp,328 Illus., 24 in color, 1992.
Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

Cohen and Bodis-Wollner VISION AND THE BRAIN The Organization of the Central Visual System ( Assoc. for Research in Nervous and Mental Disease (ARNMD),Research Publications, Vol.67) 400pp.,161 Illus.,1990. Hardbound Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins. List Price:$ 1 ;Our Price:$

Cotman, Brinton, Galaburda, McEwen and Schneider THE NEURO- IMMUNE-ENDOCRINE CONNECTION 160pp,1987, Hardbound, Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
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Devinsky, Feldmann and Hainline NEUROLOGICAL COMPLICATIONS OF PREGNANANCY (Advances in Neurology, Vol.64) 320pp. 1994
Hardbound, ISBN: 0-7817-0067-1 Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins ;
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Dinges and Broughton SLEEP AND ALERTNESS Chronobiological, Behavioral and Medical Aspects of Napping. 335pp. 1989, Hardbound,ISBN:0-7817-0067-1 Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins.; List Price:$ ;Our Price:$

Dunnett and Bjorklund (Eds.) FUNCTIONAL NEURAL TRANSPLANTATION (Advances in Neuroscience, Vol.2) The contributors assess the capacity of neural grafts to repair the structural damage and alleviate the functional consequences of brain damage and neurodegenerative disease. The book begins with detailed coverage of dopamine-rich grafts in parkinsonism, including analyses of the first clinical studies. The authors thenreview the results of neural grafts in experimental models of cholinergic deficiency, aging, and dementia. Full consideration is given to transplantation strategies used in various neural systems such as the cortex, visual system, hypothalamus, and spinal cord. The final chapter reviews the pharmacological, trophic, and regenerative mechanisms of neural grafts in the brain. 608pp.117 Illus., 1994.hardbound Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
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Duvoisin and Sage PARKINSON'S DISEASE A Guide for Patient and Family 4th Edition . Latest edition of this popular and informative resource,completely revised and updated to reflect new findings of relevance to patients with Parkinson's disease and their families. The book, is a key resource from withic a nonmedical reader can obtain critical information on research and treatment. A special highlight of this edition is a new chapter on the genetic aspects of the disease. The recent resurgence of stereotaxic pallidotomy is addressed in the completely revised surgery chapter, which also presents a thorough discussion of neural grafting and fetal transplants. There are also revised and expanded chapters exploring the concepts of the disease and its symptoms, including a closer look at the Lewy body, which is now central to concepts of the disease. The latest information on drug therapies is also presented with explanations of new terms, and authoritative projections for the future. 192pp.,15 Illus. 3 Tables,1996.Softbound
Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

Fahn, Calne and Shoulson EXPERIMENTAL THERAPEUTICS OF MOVEMENT DISORDERS (Advances in Neurology, Vol.37) 340pp.,1983.Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
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Fahn, Hallett, Luders and Marsden (Eds.)NEGATIVE MOTOR PHENOMENA (Advances in Neurology, Vol.67) This volume is the most comprehensive text and reference on negative motor phenomena, i.e., involuntary lapses in motor muscle tone or postural control. More than 50 leading international experts in neurophysiology, neurochemistry, neuroanatomy, epileptology and sleep and movement disorders examine the physiology and clinical aspects of these phenomena, both in disorders such as cataplexy, negative myoclonus, atonic seizures, drop attacks, and Parkinson's disease and in normal states such as REM sleep and the startle response. Coverage includes extensive studies of the cortical, brainstem, and spinal cord mechanisms involved in negative motor phenomena, as well as new approaches ot the pharmacotherapy of myoclonus and atonic seizures. 416pp.,155 Illus.,21 tables, 1995.hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
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Fahn, Marsden, Jenner and Teychenne RECENT DEVELOPMENTS IN PARKINSON'S DISEASE 400pp.,103 Illus.,1986.hardbound.Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
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2nd Edition. The relationship ofsnoring to this syndrome is completely examined in a valuable historical perspective. Subsequent chapters provide practical guidance on pathophysiology, clinical presentations in children as well as adults, and the latest and most effective medical and surgical management options. Noted experts describe variations in uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, thoroughly discuss the limitations and pitfalls of this procedure, and address important considerations regarding anesthesia during surgical procedures. 272pp.124 Illus.1994.hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins ;
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Frazer, Molinoff and Winokur BIOLOGICAL BASES OF BRAIN FUNCTION AND DISEASE (with a forward by Frederick K.Goodwin) 464pp.,206 Illus., 4 in color,
1994.Softbound . Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$39 ;Our Price:$
Hardbound:List price:$;Our Price:$

Freund, Sabel and Witte (Eds.) BRAIN PLASTICITY
Approx.416pp.,1996. Hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$;Our Price:$

Friction and Dubner OROFACIAL PAIN AND TEMPOROMANDIBULAR DISORDERS (Advances in Pain Research and Therapy, Vol.21) 576pp.,168 Illus.,
27 in color, 1995.,hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

Friedman, Charney and Deutch (Eds.)NEUROBIOLOGICAL AND CLINICAL CONSEQUENCES OF STRESS From Normal Adaptation to Post-Traumtic Stress Disorder. This comprehensive volume provides an invaluable historical and conceptual framework by which to understand post-traumatic stress disorder, emphasizing throughout the homology between the normal stress response and the pathophysiology of PTSD. The book is divided into four major sections that logically progress from basic neurobiological research o stress to neurobiological models of stress and PTSD to specific research on PTSD and clinical issues regarding diagnosis and treatment.
576pp.,74 Illus., 24 tables, 1995. Hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
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Frye-Pierson and Toole STROKE A Guide for Patient and Family.
224pp.,1987, Softbound, ISBN: 0-89004-637-9 List price :$;Our Price:$
Hardbound, ISBN: 0-88167-279-3 Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

(International Review of Child Neurology Series) 256pp.,64 Illus, 1984
Hardbound, ISBN:0-89004-952-1 Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins ;
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Gessa, Fratta, Pani and Serra (Eds.) DEPRESSION AND MANIA
From Neurobiology to Treatment (Advances in Biochemical Psychopharmacology, Vol.49) The book begins with a review of the neurobiology of depression, with a particular focus on dopamine. Other topics covered include animal models of depression, and mania;manipulation of inositol-linked second messenger systems as a therapeutic strategy in psychiatry; recent developments in genetics of bipolar illness; implications of a temperament-based classification of depression; pharmacological treatment of depression and comorbid anxiety disorders; and long-term prophylaxis of affective disorders. 176pp.1995, hardbound, ISBN:0-7817-0307-7 Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
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Getchell, Doty, Bartoshuk and Snow SMELL AND TASTE IN HEALTH AND DISEASE 906pp. 378 Illus. 8.5"x11", 1991, Hardbound, ISBN: 0-88167-798-1
Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

Ginsberg and Dietrich CEREBROVASCULAR DISEASES (Princeton Research Conferences on Cerebrovascular Diseases, 16th) 496pp. 1989.
Hardbound, ISBN: 0-88167-485-0 Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
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Glasscock, Cueva and Thedinger HANDBOOK OF VERTIGO
128pp.,49 Illus., 1990, Hardbound, ISBN:0-88167-688-8 Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
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Gomez TUBEROUS SCLEROSIS Second Edition (with a forward by Macdonald Critchley) 288pp.,147 Illus, 3 in color, 1988, Hardbound, ISBN:0-88167-397-8
Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

Guilleminault, Lugaresi, Montagna and Gambetti FATAL FAMILIAL INSOMNIA
Inherited Prion Diseases, Sleep, and the Thalamus (with a forward by William C. Dement) 256pp.,69 Illus., 1994, Hardbound, ISBN:0-7817-0114-7 Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
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Gumnit THE EPILEPSY HANDBOOK The Practical Management of Seizures. The highly praised handbook in an updated and revised Second Edition, continues to be the prime resource for ready reference on currently accepted standards of treatment and management of epilepsy. The book begins with a thorough explanation of seizures and epilepsy, and then explores managing the patient with a first seizure, antiepileptic medication, special issues of children and infants, and treatment of status epilepticus in adults and children. Also addressed are long-term management issues, stratagies formanaging the difficult patient, non-epileptic events, and surgery for epilepsy.
208pp.,1995,Softbound, ISBN: 0-7817-0176-7 Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$ ;Our Price:$

564 pp.,96 Illus.,1990,hardbound, ISBN:0-88167-564-4 Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$ ;Our Price:$

496pp.,232 Illus.,1991,Hardbound, ISBN:0-88167-760-4 Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
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288pp.,90 Illus., 1993, Hardbound, ISBN:0-88167-959-3 Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$  ;Our Price:

Fifth Edition. 864pp.,320 Illus., 13 Tables, 1992, Hardbound, ISBN:0-397-51104-3
Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins List Price:$ ;Our Price:

Harding and Deufel INHERITED ATAXIAS (Advances in Neurology, Vol.61)
240pp.,hardbound, ISBN: 0-88167-965-8 Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$    ;Our Price:

Hassler and Christ PARKINSON-SPECIFIC MOTOR AND MENTAL DISORDERS Role of the Pallidum. Pathophysiological, Biochemical and Therapeutic Aspects (Advances in Neurology, Vol.40) 612pp.,181 Illus, 2 in color.
Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

Hill and Volpe FETAL NEUROLOGY (International Review of Child Neurology Series) 318pp, 98 Illus. 1989.Hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$ ;Our Price:

Hoppenfeld et al. ORTHOPAEDIC NEUROLOGY A Diagnostic Guide to Neurologic Levels. 131 pp.,175 Illus. 1977,Hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
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Jasper, Riggio and Goldman-Rakic (Eds.) EPILEPSY AND THE FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY OF THE FRONTAL LOBE (Advances in Neurology, Vol.66)
Topics explored include frontal lobe function in memory and planning; the role of the human prefrontal cortex in attention control; frontal degenerative dementia and neuroimaging; lateralization in the frontal lobes; repetitive motor activity infrontallobe epilepsy; high-resolution EEG studies of cognition; MRI in frontalo lobe epilepsy; presurgical evaluation; intracranial EEG inbestigation; bideo-stereo-EEG investigation of the orbito-frontal cortex; and surgery of frontal lobe epilepsy.Hardbound.
400pp. 129 Illus., 17 in color ,1995.Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
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Johnson and Roache DRUG ADDITION AND ITS TREATMENT Nexus of Neuroscience and Behavior. This book integrates current knowledge on the neuroscientific and behavioral aspects of drug addictiona and discusses implications for treatment. A thorough overview stresses the similarities between drugs of abuse and provides an organized conceptual framework for understanding drug-taking behavior.
Approx.400pp, 1996. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

Jordan, Tsairis and Warren SPORTS NEUROLOGY
327pp.1989. Hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$;Our Price:$

Joynt (Ed) CLINICAL NEUROLOGY Clinical Text in Four Looseleaf Volumes. The very latest developments in techniques and procedures for every aspect of neurology are concisely presented by outstanding contributors. The update service assures that this wealth of information will remain current. Includes annual update on Current Therapy. Newly improved binders are available to make updating easier. Annual updates, over 5,000 pp., more than 2,000 Illus., over 400 tables and graphs. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$495 ;Our Price:$ Update:$

The text and all illustrations from the classic text described above .DeJong's The Neurological Examination, edited by Armin Haerer, is included. A wide range of searching capabilities enables the user to search by key word,phrase, combination, topic,chapter subject or contributor. Hypertext links to the many color images, enabling the user to easily search back and forth through the 4 volumes with ease without losing one's place. Images may be enlarged for closer examination. Information is always current with the annual updates, including updates on Current Therapy.Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
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Kakulas, Howell and Roses DUCHENNE MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY Animal Models and Genetic Manipulation .320pp. 78 Illus. 1992.Hardbound.Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
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Kakulas and Mastaglia PATHOGENESIS AND THERAPY OF DUCHENNE AND BECKER MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY 288pp.,1990. Hardbound.Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
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256pp.,172 Illus., 8.5"x11",1992. Hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

Kessler and Apfel (Eds.) CLINICAL APPLICATIONS OF NEUROTROPHIC FACTORS (Advances in Neurology) Among the many topics discussed are treatment of peripheral nervous system disease, including toxic neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, and AIDS neuropathy;treatment of traumatic injuries to peripheral nerves;prevention of blindness and hearing loss;treatment of the central nervous system and neuro-degenerative diseases, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's disease; treatment of stroke; and treatment ofdevelopmental disorders such as mental retardation, migration disorders, and familial dysautonomia. Throughout the book the authors provide thoughtful analysis and important experimental and clinical data. In addition, they present exciting insights into future applications, and discuss transplants, viral vectors, and use of degradable plastics. Approx. 250pp. 1996
Hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

Kurlan (Ed.)TREATMENT OF MOVEMENT DISORDERS This comprehensive text was developed in answer to the growing array of therapeutic agents that are now available for the treatment of patients with movement disorders. The authors have produced this practical text on the phenomenology, diagnosis, and pathogenesis of a variety of movement disorders. It also provides an overview of current therapy for each movement disorder discussed. Management approaches such s drug and non-drug treatments and therapies for non-motor problems are also covered.
512pp.,11 Illus.,1995. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$  ;Our Price:

Levy and Penry IDIOSYNCRATIC REACTIONS TO VALPROATE Clinical Risk Patterns and Mechanisms of Toxicity. 184pp.,70 Illus.,1992.Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$ ;Our Price:$

Levy,Mattson, Meldrum, Dreifuss, Penry and Hessie (Eds.) ANTIEPILEPTIC DRUGS Fourth Edition . Here is the latest edition of the classic reference for clinicians and researchers in epileptology and neurology. Encyclopedic in scope, the 4th edition is completely revised, updated and expanded to provide the most authoritative information currently available on the mechanisms of action; chemistry and biotransformation;absorption, distribution, and excretion;interactions;clinical use;and toxicity of the antiepileptic drugs currently in use or undergoing research.
1,150pp.,232 Illus., 89 Tables, 1995. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

Long (Ed.) BRAIN EDEMA Pathogenesis, Imaging, and Therapy (Advances in Neurology, Vol.52) 640pp.,300 Illus.,1990. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins ;
List Price:$ ;Our Price:$

Mayeux and Rosen THE DEMENTIAS (Advances in Neurology, Vol.38)
288pp,1983. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$ 80 ;Our Price:$72

McHugh and McKusick GENES, BRAIN, AND BEHAVIOR (Association for Research in Nervous and Mental Disease (ARNMD),Research Publications,Vol.69)
256pp.,51 Illus., 1991.Hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$ ;Our Price:$

Miller and Ramer STATIC ENCEPHALOPATHIES OF INFANCY AND CHILDHOOD 384pp.,151 Illus.,1992. Hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$;Our Price:$

Mizrahi and Kellaway CLINICAL GUIDE TO NEONATAL SEIZURES The book looks at the scope of the clinical problem of neonatal seizures, including prevalence and incidence, describes the mechanisms of initiation and propagation of epileptic seizures in the immature brain, analyzes ontogenetic factors that may differentiate seizures in preterm, full-term, and older infants, and defines the various types of seizures in a clinically relevant manner. Cerebral and systemic correlates of neonatal seizures are explored. The book discusses risk factors and etiological factors associated with neonatal seizures and their relationship to conceptional age of the infant, the treatment of neonatal seizures, seizure hazard versus the risks of therapy. The predictors of short-term and long-term outcomes of infants who experience seizures in the neonatal period are examined, as well as the use of electroencephalography in the neonate.
Approx.285pp., Illustrated.1996. hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

Nappi, Bono, Sandrini, Martignoni and Micieli HEADACHE AND DEPRESSION Serotonin Pathways as a Common Clue. 329pp.,48 Illus.,1991. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$;Our Price:$

Narabayashi, Nagatsu, Yanagisawa and Mizuno PARKINSON'S DISEASE
From Basic Research to Treatment (Advances in Neurology, Vol.60)
800pp,307 Illus. 2 in color, 1993. Hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$;Our Price:$

Nashold and Ovelmen-Levitt DEAFFERENTATION PAIN SYNDROMES Pathophysiology and Treatment . (Advances in Pain Research and Therapy, Vol.19)
368pp.,64 Illus.,1991.hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$  ;Our Price:

(Frontiers in Headache Research, Vol.4) The book opens with a review of the general principles of disease classification and diagnosis from a number of perspectives and then discusses the classifications and diagnoses of both primary and secondary headaches, including those headaches related to trauma and vascular disorders. Subsequent chapters of the volume examine the general principles of epidemiology, describe measurement techniques used in epidemiological studies, and discuss specific epidemiological studies of headache. Complete assessments of sociodemographic and psychosocial factors are also included. 416pp.,56 Illus., 1994.hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$ ;Our Price:$

Olesen MIGRAINE AND OTHER HEADACHES The Vascular Mechanisms.
(Frontiers in Headache Research, Vol.1) 368pp, 73 Illus.1991.Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$;Our Price:$

Olesen and Saxena 5-HYDROXYTRYPTAMINE MECHANISMS IN PRIMARY HEADACHES (Frontiers in Headache Research, Vol.2) 384pp,89 Illus. 1992
hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$ ;Our Price:$

Olesen and Schoenen TENSION-TYPE HEADACHE Classification, Mechanisms and Treatment (Frontiers in Headache Research, Vol.3) 320pp.,67 Illus. 1993 hardbound
Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

Olesen and Tfelt-Hansen HEADACHE TREATMENT: TRIAL METHODOLOGY AND NEW DRUGS This , the 6th volume in the respected series Frontiers in Headache Research, provides the latest research on all aspects of headache pathophysiology and treatment. The series is based on an international symposium, which is organized by Jes Olesen, the respected author and a leader in the field. Approx.384pp. hardbound. 1996
Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins ;List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

Olesen, Tfelt-Hansen and Welch THE HEADACHES
928pp.,208 Illus., 4 in color, 1993. Hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$;Our Price:$

(International Review of Child Neurology Series) 256pp, 67 Illus.1990. Hardbound
Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins ;List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

(International Review of Child Neurology Series) 320pp, 93 Illus,1990. Hardbound.
Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

Penry EPILEPSY Diagnosis, Management, Quality of Life. (forward by Robert E.Rakel) softbound.54pp.1986. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins ;List Price:$ ;Our Price:$

Phillips, Ozer, Axelson, Chizeck,Britell, Fonseca and Bayless SPINAL CORD INJURY A Guide for the Patient and Family. Prepared under the auspices of the Paralyzed Veterans of America. (Illustrations by Samuel R.McFarland)
320pp.,1987.softbound or hardbound.Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$ ;Our Price:$

Pullicino, Caplan and Hommel CEREBRAL SMALL ARTERY DISEASE
(Advances in Neurology, Vol.62) 256pp.,188 Illus.1993. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$ ;Our Price:$

3rd Edition 528 pp.,94 Illus.1993. Hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

192pp.1988.hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

944pp.,311 Illus.3 in color,1991.hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$ ;Our Price:$

Rosenberg NEUROGENETICS Principles and Practice
336pp.,84 Illus,1986. Hardbound.Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

Rowland AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS AND OTHER MOTOR NEURON DISEASES (Advances in Neurology, Vol.56) 592pp.,216 Illus.1991.
Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

Salcman NEUROLOGIC EMERGENCIES Recognition and Management.
2nd Edition.464pp.,79 Illus.1990. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$Our Price:$

Santilli MANAGING SEIZURE DISORDERS A Handbook for Health Care Professionals. 292pp.,24 tables,14 Illus. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$;Our Price:$

Schachter BRAINSTORMS Epilepsy in Our Words. Personal Accounts of Living with Seizures. 128pp.,1993.softbound or hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
softbound:List Price: ;Our Price:$
hardbound:List price:$ ;Our Price:$

Schachter THE BRAINSTORMS COMPANION Epilepsy in Our View.
The first section provides and overview of epilepsy from a medical perspective and examines the wide variety of seizure manifestations that people with epilepsy have. Then, friends family members, and associates of people with epilepsy describe in their own words wht theysee and how they feel when witnessing a seizure. The next section is written by people with epilepsy, who examine what their lives are like.
The last section, written by 2 nurse specialists in epilepsy, gives practical advice on how to live safely with epilepsy. An incex guides readers to descriptions of specific seizure manifestations and helps them find accounts of experiences similar to their own. A noted epilepsy specialist, Dr. Frederick Ancermann, has written the forward. 160pp. 1994.
Softbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$ ;Our Price:$

Scheinberg and Holland MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS A Guide for Patients and Their Families. 2nd Edition. 288pp.,53 Illus. 1987.softbound . Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$ ;Our Price:$

Serratrice and Munsat PATHOGENESIS AND THERAPY OF AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS (Advances in Neurology, Vol.68) Close attention is also given to animal models, particularly th etransgenic mouse that expresseshuman superoxide dimutase mutations. The section on diagnosis and clinical trials includes discussions of the subclinical signs of ALS, its natural history, and the key issues in clinical trial design. The section on herapy presents extensive data on neurotophic factors, excitotoxic blocking stategie, and glutamate receptor antagonists, and also examines the role of the biopharmaceutical industry in developing new drugs for ALS.
320pp, 37 Illus.,33 tables,1995. Hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$ ;Our Price:$

Shapiro, Shapiro,Young and Feinberg GILLES DE LA TOURETTE SYNDROME
2nd Edition. 584pp, 1988.Hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$;Our Price:$

The first section of the book provides a thorough understanding of the biological development of sleep, including the development of sleep structure, sleep-related respiratory function, the electocardiogram during sleep, the electro-olfactogram, electromyogram, and movement behaviors during sleep, and central nervous system function.This includes detailed discussion on the evaluation of the patient history and physical examination. The 2nd section focuses on the appropriate use, techniques, and interpretation of polysomnography at various developmental stages-preterm and full-term neonates, one to twelve months, one to five years, and five to ten years. Also included is a chapter on testing excessive daytime sleepiness in children. The book contai8ns more than 100 reproductions of polysomnographs. 288pp.,116 Illus. 7 tables,1996.
Hardbound, Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$ ;Our Price:$

Sicuteri, Vecchiet,Terenius,et al. PAIN VERSUS MAN (Advances in Pain Research and Therapy, Vol.20) 320pp.,70 Illus.1992. hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$ ;Our Price:

528pp.,126 Illus.1993.Hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins; List Price:$;Our Price:$

Terry, Katzman and Bick (Eds.) ALZHEIMERS DISEASE
Coverage includes diagnostic criteria, neuropsychology, clinical genetics, epidemiololgy, and MRI,CT,and PET imaging. Noted investigators idscuss currnet theories on the cell types vulnerable to damage in AD; the underlying alterations in neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, neurotrophic factors, receptors, and signal transduction mechanisms; the potein constituents of the neuritic plaques and neurofibrillary tangles; the molecular genetics of AD; and the role of trace elements in its pathogenesis. The book concludes with timely reviews of clinical trialsnad experimental therapeutics.
496pp.,33 Illus.3 in color,1994.hardbound.Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
List Price:$  ;Our Price:$

Tilson and Mitchell NEUROTOXICOLOGY (Target Organ Toxicology Series)
416pp., 49 Illus.1992. hardbound. Lippincott-Williams&Wilkins;
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