February 20, 2000



Paralysis and other Afflictions of the Nerves:Their Cure by Transmitted Energy & Special Movements~ GI Taylor,1880, 179 pp..tiny book.. VG condition… scaaaaebF0…$60

Abramson, HA ~ The Use of LSD in Psychotherapy and Alcoholism ~ Bobbs- Merrill 1967 hardcover dj 697 pp. Very early book on LSD…sfaaabkstrmy9 {Collector’s Corner}..~$200

Abramson, HA ~ The Use of LSD in Psychotherapy ~ Josiah Macey Foundation 1960 hardcover dj 303 . VG+ condition, one of the earliest books on LSD….sfaaaebmy9 {Collector’s Corner}..~$200

Allen, RM.~ The Microscope ~ Van Nostrand Co, 1940, hardcover, DJ, 286 pages, Owner’s name, dj has small tear otherwise like new…TAEAAINTM8 {Collector’s Corner}..~$22

Bailey,P~The Isocortex of Man~Univ  of Illinois Press, 1951, hardcover, 300 pp plus plates,. has an inscription by the author, otherwise in mint condition.... qeaaaebo9... {Collector’s Corner}..~$320

Bernard,C~ Lecons de Pathologie Experimentale~Libraire J.-B Balilliere et Fils, Paris, 1880, 2nd edition…. 604 pp, softcover, VG + condition …. QbfaaaebO9…{Collector’s Corner}..~$750

BERNARD, CLAUDE. : Leçons sur la physiologie et la pathologie du système nerveux. ; Paris: J.-B. Baillière, 1858. 2 Vols.Original marbled boards, viii,520; 560pp. With woodcut ills. Fresh & clean copy. First edition. Text of the course on the nervous system given by Claude Bernard (1813-1878) at the Collège de France, where he succeeded François Magendie as professor of medicine.French physiologist known chiefly for his discoveries concerning the role of the pancreas in digestion, the glycogenic function of the liver, and the regulation of the blood supply by the vasomotor nerves. On a broader stage, Bernard played a role in establishing the principles of experimentation in the life sciences, advancing beyond the vitalism and indeterminism of earlier physiologists to become one of the founders of experimental medicine. His most seminal contribution was his concept of the internal environment of the organism, which led to the present understanding of homeostasis--i.e., the self-regulation of vital processes.,,mbgfebF0..~$2400

Blackstone, R ~ New Nerves for Old ~ Nerve Culture Institute, 1925, approx. 30 pages. Small booklet describing the cause and cure of ‘nervousness" VG condition….ataaaaeb08{Collector’s Corner}..~$30

Boardman,A ~Defence of Phrenology~containing,I.-An essay on the nature and value of phrenological evidence,II.-A vindication of phrenology against the attack of Dr. John Smith;III. -A view of facts relied upon by phrenologists as proof that the cerebellum is the seat of the reproductive instinct. Published by Edward Kearney, New York,1847.,222 pp , hardbound .Some splotchy yellowing due to age, minor damage to spine,small book:4.5''x7.5''{Collector’s Corner}..~$100

Brazier, MAB ~ The Central Nervous System and Behavior~ Josiah Macy Fundation , 1960 hardcover , dj476 pp.. has  chapters by Maguon,Sokolov , Luria,Hinde, others .. Vg condition… fbaaebF0..{Collector’s Corner}..~$75

Boring, EG ~ A Manual of Psychological Experiments ~ Wiley 1937 hardcover 198 pp. This book has some really interesting stuff in it. Ex- library but good condition…kadaaebmy9 {Collector’s Corner}..~$40

Brown-Sequard,E~Experimental and clinical researches on the physiology and pathology of the spinal cord ,and some other parts of the Nervous Centres~ article in American Journal of Medical Sciences,1855 , 161-165..VG condition.. scaaaebO9..{Collector’s Corner}..~$75

Burns,NM~Unusual Environments and Human Behavior~: Physiological and Psychological Problems of man in Space,MacMillan, 1963, hardcover,dj. Contains 12 chapters by various authorities. Signed by the author..otherwise in MINT condition... ebN9...{Collector’s Corner}..~$70

Cajal,SR~ Histology~ William Wood & Co. ,1933 hardcover,738 pp.. Clean with no markings , binding is tight , although the original gold leaf has worn off the spine.. RbaaaaebF9…..{Collector’s Corner}..~$230

Cheyne,  ~ Essays on the Diseases of Children, with Cases and Dissections~ (contains essays on Cynache Trachealis or Croup 93 p. and Bowel Complaints 107 p.) bound with the second volume on Hydrocephalus Acutus or Dropsy of the Brain 201 p. Philadelphia: Anthony Finley; 1814 1st edition. Rebound - red cloth/gold letters; Personal Library Stamp; Text in fine condition; Very Scarce; John Cheyne (1777 - 1836) the celebrated student of Laennec's, was the first to describe acute hydrocephalus (1808) and Cheyne - Stokes respiration (1818)……qebF0…~$400

Dempster,JH~Pathfinders of Physiology ~Detroit Medical Journal,1941 hardcover,66 ppHas chapters on Wm. Harvey,Digestion,Respiration,Claude Bernard,Nervous System (galen,Broca, Glisson ) ,Cell theory..kadaaebD8..{Collector’s Corner}..~$40

Dianer,B~Alesandro Volta and the Electric Battery~Moffa press,1964,hardcover,dj,135 pp.Like new condition…cbdaaebJ9.. {Collector’s Corner}..~$40

Dressler,W~An Atlas of Electrocardiography~Thomas,1949,first edition,503 pp.good condition, Cover shows some use….wwebJ9…{Collector’s Corner}..~$150

Fischer, MH ~ Fats and Fatty Degeneration ~ Wiley 1917 hardcover, dj, 153 pp. Ex-library but VG+ condition. " A phyico- chemical study of emulsions and the normal and abnormal disribution of fat in protoplasm…kadaaebmy9 {Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Forel,A~Hypnotism,or Suggestion and Psychotherapy~Allied Publ 1949 (1927) , hardcover ,322 pp. Clean ,bright… scaaaebJ0 ..{Collector’s Corner}..~$45

Foster, W.S ~ Experiments in Psychology~ Holt, 1923, hardcover, 309 pages. Clean, bright, tight. Student of Titcherner’s and book is dedicated for him …{Collector’s Corner}..~$40

Fowler,OS and Fowler,LN,~Self Instructor in Phrenology and Physiology~Fowler &Wells, 1839 (maybe it’s 1859) 176 pp has 103 illustrations. Spine has section at top missing;inside is clean….{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Fredrichs,FT~A Clinical Treatise on Diseases of the Liver~ Wood &Co. 1879,hardcover,228 pp. Volume 2 only; Like new condition…ecdaaebJ9…{Collector’s Corner}..~$60

Gentleman’s Magazine~Gentleman’s Magazine,~June 1750, has a one page article, " Systems of nerves controverted", by E.K. "…..that the nerves are tubular, containing a circulating fluid, every way adapted for the conveyance of this intelligence to the mind…." Goes on with a very good description of nerve physiology…VG condition…ebn8 {Collector’s Corner}..~$100

Gibbs,FA and Gibbs,EL~Atlas of Electroencephalography~Cummings, Cambridge ,MA, 1941, 220 pp. This book is in near mint condition , clean , bright, tight with no marking…It is very unusual to find a copy of this book that has not been very heavily used….tagaaebS9…{Collector’s Corner}..~$250

Globus,JH~A Laboratory Aid for the Study of Neuroanatomy~Hoeber,1926,65pp,softcover.No text –only pictures.Front and rear covers have tears,otherwise ,basically OK;clean…eaeaaebM9…{Collector’s Corner}..~$40

Good, JM ~ Study of Medicine with a Physiological System of Nosolgy ~ Casey and Lea 1825. Volume 3 of a five volume set. 435 pp. This volume coversDiseases of Nervous Function : I Phrenia, II Aesthetica , III Cinetica , IV Systatica, Original leather boards, fron cover is off, and about half the spine is missing, extensive foxing…scadebmy9 {Collector’s Corner}..~$80

Greenfield,JG.~ Neuropathology~ Edward Arnold Publ,1961,640pp,hardcover.Classic neuropathology text. Owner’s nameplate,but no other markings, underlining,etc. Clean,bright,;cover shows signs of use…New one sells for $400………..{Collector’s Corner}..~$40

Gullain,G~J-M Charcot 1825-1893:His Life and His Work~Hoeber,1959, hardcover,202 pp . clean. Nice biography, bound in leather.. front cover has small flaw..… sabaaeb Ju9….{Collector’s Corner}..~$60

Ferrier,D~The Croonian Lectures on Cerebral Localization~ article in Lancet, March 29,1890 pp 1341-1349 ,this volume also contains Jackson Hughlings,C~Convulsive seizures~ 685-688.. "Case of Jacksonian epilepsy supposed to be syphillitic,relieved by trephening~ by AG Miller, and "Cerebral localization" by D. … Good condition , except front spine is loose… tcaaebO9..{Collector’s Corner}..~$100

Gall,FJ and Spurzheim,G~Recherches sur le Systeme Nerveux en General,sur Celui du Cerveau en Particulier~Hussmann,Paris 1809,278 pp ,softcover...some fading to cover, some mild water staining.Binding is tight. pages inside are very clean. ...teaaaebD9...{Collector’s Corner}..~$1700

Haanel,CF~Mental Chemistry~Published by Haanel,1922, pp321. Shows some wear/use, but basically clean,tight… tfaaaebS9..{Collector’s Corner}..~$100

Haanel,CF~The Master Key~Psychology Publ, 1951, hardcover, dj; VG condition , about 3 pages have highlighting... acaaaebJ0..~$100

Harvey, C.D~ De Moto Cordis~Thomas, 1978(1931) 150 pages. Reproduction of Harvey’s 1628 book Exercitatio anatomica de Moto Codris et Sanguinis in Animalibus…Mint Condition…rabaafl08 {Collector’s Corner}..~$45

Head , H ~ Aphasia and Kindred Disorders of Speech~ Cambridge 1926, 2 Volumes , 545 pp and 426 pp… Spines have been reglued…Fair condition only .. these books  show a lot of use , although there is no underlining….. wbaaaebF0… {Collector’s Corner}..~$120

Herrick,CJ~An Introduction to Neurology~Saunders 1931, hardcover, 416 pp.. Vg, very clean.. wbfaaebS9..{Collector’s Corner}..~$65

Herrick,CJ~The Evolution of Human Nature~University of Texas1971, hardcover,506 new condition..tbaaaebM9..{Collector’s Corner}..~$44

Hertz,HR~Versuche zur festellung einer oberen Grenze furdie kinetische Energie der electrischen Strmung~ in Annalen der Physik und Chemie,Leipzig,1880,441-448…Vg condition…PcaaebO9..{Collector’s Corner}..~$100

Hewer, EE ~ An Introduction to the Study of the Nervous System ~ Heineman (London ) 1933 . 147 pp. Has 64 interesting freehand drawings..VG+…kadaaebf9 {Collector’s Corner}..~$60

Holmes, E. ~ The Science of Mind ~ Dodd, Mead, and co, (1938), 37th Printing, 667 pages, hardcover, DJ, like new condition… rabagdwlju8 {Collector’s Corner}..~$20

Jackson Hughlings,C~Convulsive seizures~ article in Lancet, march 29,1890 685-688..this volume also contains "Case of Jacksonian epilepsy supposed to be syphillitic,relieved by trephening~ by AG Miller, and "Cerebral localizatio"n by D. Ferrier,(The Croonian Lectures,) pp 1341-1349… Good condition , except front spine is loose… tcaaebO9. ...{Collector’s Corner}..~$100

James, W~The Varieties of Religious Experience~Classics of Psychiatry & Behavioral sciences Library (exact copy of the 1902 longman &Greens edition)hardcover,534 pp. Leatherbound, with gold on edges of pages. New condition.. sadaaebMy9. ..{Collector’s Corner}..~$65

Krieg,W~Architectonics of Human Cerebral Fiber Systems~Brain Books, 1973, Boxed folio has 72  pages of text and 148 pages of plates. Very large hand drawn  plates/pages, loosely bound in a slipcase. Mint condition (except for plate). Only 520  were made;most were probaly sold/donated to medical schools, and rarely (if ever )come up for sale..A truly magnificent work...rebF9...{Collector’s Corner}..~$500

Krieg,W~Interpretive Atlas of the Monkey Brain~ Brain Books ,1975 . Boxed Folio.has 114 pages of text, and 88 pages of  hand drawn plates. Pages are very large. Rhesus monkey. Production was limited to 400 sets,...most were probably sold/donated to medical schools, and rarely (if ever )come up for sale. Mint condition ,except for plate. Very unusual and rare......rebF9{Collector’s Corner}..~$500  

Krieg, WJS~ Functional Neuroanatomy~Blakiston, 1953, hardbound.,658pp. Signed by Krieg. Simply the most fabulous illustrations (all by the author) of any neuroanatomy book. Has underlining{Collector’s Corner}..~${Collector’s Corner}..~$80

Krieg, WJS~ Functional Neuroanatomy~Blakiston, 1953, hardbound.,658pp. . Simply the most fabulous illustrations (all by the author) of any neuroanatomy book....{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Lennox,WG.~ Science and Seizures~.2ndedition.Harper,1949,hardbound,258ppOwner’s inscription,some yellowing{Collector’s Corner}..~$20

Lillie,RS~ Protoplasmic Action and Nervous Action~Univ . chicago Press,1932(1923)Hardcover,412 pp;VG condition, clean , bright , tight.Ex library(Harvard)…gafaaebJ9…{Collector’s Corner}..~$70

Mead,Richard~Medica Sacra:Sive,de Morbis insignioribus QuiinBibliis Memoratur . John brindley,London 1749, 8vo,original wrappers (front off but present, clean , internally good.. First edition of this study of the diesases and cures mentioned in the Bible..Includes chapters on leprosy ,dementia,possession... ybfaaebO9.. {Collector’s Corner}..~$400

Meduna,LJ~Carbon Dioxide Therapy:A Neurophysiological Treatment of Nervous Disorders~Thomas 1050, hardcover,dustjacket. has and inscription by the author, otherwise mint condition....qaeaaebO9. {Collector’s Corner}..~$90

Merton,HW.~ Descriptive Mentality from the Face and Hands~ David McKay,Publ. 1899,224 pp .Very comprehensive text dealing with how to infer personality traits from structure of the head and hands. With over 600 illustrations by the author……. {Collector’s Corner}.{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Mitchell,SW~Problems in Psycho-Pathology~Harcourt-Brace,1927, hardcover, dj,190 pp.. dj shows wear; rest of book is VG. Nice gold leaf on cover.… ..sabaaebJu9… {Collector’s Corner}..~$100

Mitchell, S Weir~ A case of vicarious secretion of milk~ article in American Journal of the medical Sciences, 1855 ,83-85… tcaaebO9… {Collector’s Corner}..~$70

Morozov,G~ Neuropathology and Psychiatry~Peace Publ. Moscow,(no date) hardcover,dj,VG condition..277 pp russian clinical neurophysiology… ecdaaebJ9. {Collector’s Corner}.{Collector’s Corner}..~$60

Nachmansohn,D.~ Nerve Impulse.~ Transactions of the first Conference,March2-3,1960.Josiah Macy Foundation,1951,159pp,hardcover,dj ,Signed by Nachmansohn;owner’s nameplate—no other markings. Contributors include : HH Merritt, Bodian,Grundfest,Hartline,Hoagland,others…..{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Nachmansohn,D.~ Nerve Impulse.~ Transactions of the Second ConferenceTopicsdiscussed:ionicproblems,excitability,centralexcitation&inhibition,,anesthesia,metabolism………….{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Nachmanson,D and Merritt,H. H~Nerve Impulse~Transactions of the Fifth Conference, September,1954.Josiah Macy foundation , 1956hardcover,dj, mint condition.has chapters by Magoun, Jasper, Grundfest,Bernhard,...ebN9..{Collector’s Corner}..~$70

Olivo,OM~ Atlante di Anotomic Microscopia~Vallardi,1953,hardcover,155 pp. In Italian,has 204 figures, many on color……aaebJ9…{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Parker,RG. ~A Compendium of Natural and Experimental Philosophy~embracing the elementary principles of mechanics,hydrostatics,hydraulics,acoustics,pyronomics,optics,electricity,galvanism,magnetism,electro-magnetism,magneto-electricity,and astronomy.Has 163 really cool engravings… {Collector’s Corner}..~$45

Pinel,P. NOSOGRAPHIE PHILOSOPHIQUE OU LA ETHODE DE L'ANALYSE APPLIQUE A LA MEDICINE. Paris, 1806. 2 vols, 8vo, in original boards, leather spines, NICE CONDITION. VERY RARE. The first idea of the classification of membranes is detailed in M. Pinel's excellent work, Nosographie philosophique Pinel was the founder of modern psychiatry. Pinel symbolized the liberating spirit of the American and French revolutions. His introduction of humane treatment "ignited ignited a general desire for more humane treatment of the mentally ill that culminated in the English non-restraint movement of the mid-nineteenth century. Yet humanitarian treatment of the insane, although crucial to Pinel's psychiatric work, was not that work's sole focus, for Pinel also devoted himself to establishing psychiatry as a scientifically based branch of medicine….TEBf0…~$2500

Putnam,T.~ Convulsive Seizures~Lippincott,1943,hardcover,dj,with mylar covering,168pp."A manual for practioners,their families,and friends..",by a pioneer in epileptology…{Collector’s Corner}..~$45

Rimbaud,L~Precis de Neurologie~G.Doin &C, 1948, 4th edition. hardcover1012 pp, ;has owner's name , but no other markings... keaaaParO9..{Collector’s Corner}..~$70

Reese, ~ Yearbook of Neurology~ Yearbook, 1940, 856 pages. Has chapters on all areas of neurology and psychiatry. Heavily illustrated with nice line drawings. VG condition…laiaaint08 {Collector’s Corner}..~$20

Rinkel,M~Chemical Concepts of Psychosis~mcDowell,1958 hardcover, 482 pp.has 15 chapters by authorities in the field.. has a large section on LSD, mescaline, etc ,unusual for a book published in 1958… VG, clean , no markings;spine is a little loose… sbaaebS9…{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Rush,Benjamin~Observations on the Changes of the Air, and the Concomitant Epidemical Diseases in the Island of Barbadoes, To Which is Added, A Treatise on the Putrid Bilious Fever, Commonly Called the Yellow Fever; and Such Other Diseases as are Indigenous or Endemial, in the West India Island, or in the Torrid Zone. ~Philadelphia: B & T Kite; 1811; Ex-libris with 19th C. bookplate. Original leather binding is loose. Text shows usual aging and browning. Rush was the most eminent figure in Phildelphia medicine in his day. He was a friend of Benjamin Franklin and one of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence…sbfaaaebF0 …~$500

Rush, B. ~ Two Essays on the Mind~ Brunner/Mazel 1972, hardcover, dj.,120pp.This volume, done in exact facsimile from the original Eighteenth Century editions, is a treasure trove of psychiatric history that is closely related to the developing intellectual and scientific life of the young new United States of has a small tear, otherwise like new…………{Collector’s Corner}..~$44

Sabin,FR~An Atlas of the Medulla and Midbrain~Friedenwald,1901,hardcover146 pp. has seven colored plates,one black plate, and fifty two figures... Ex lib, cover is dirty, dinged up, spine is a little loose... wacaaebD9..{Collector’s Corner}..~$30

Sabru,AI.~ Theories of Light,from Descartes to Newton~ Cambridge Univ Press,1981,365 pp,softcover…..{Collector’s Corner}..~$40

Sadler,WS~Worry and Nervousness~McClurg, 1920(1914)..,hardcover, 532 pp.. spine is a little loose.. fcaaaebS9….{Collector’s Corner}..~$90

Seafield, F~ On Dreams~ Chapman and Hall 1865, 391 pages. Volume 2. Contents: Physiology and Pathology of Dreams, Dreams: Ancient and Modern VG condition, no markings…{Collector’s Corner}..~$70

Sarkisov,SA~The Structures and Functions of the Brain~Indiania University Press, 1966, hardcover, dj, 291 pp ..has 158 really cool figures. Russian neuroscience , extensive reference list. Like new condition… qcaaaebJ0..{Collector’s Corner}..~$85

Selye,H~On the Experimental Morphology of the Adrenal Cortex~Thomas, 1950 first edition,104 pp. Bound in leather; very clean bright, tight, no markings…zabaaflO9..{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Sepharical ~ Phrenoscopy ~ Foulsham, no date, looks to be c.1910 or so, hardcover, 156 pages. VG condition " Being a synthetic system of astro-phrenology- the key to human character"..kacaaebo8 {Collector’s Corner}..~$60

Seyle, H.~ The Stress of Life ~ McGraw – Hill 1956, 1st edition, hardcover, DJ, 324 pages, BAAFAFLA8 {Collector’s Corner}..~$15

Shaftesbury, E.~ Instantaneous Personal Magnetism ~ Ralston Co. , 1950, 370 pages, "Now the standard work on personal magnetism. " Has damp stain on bottom of pages. {Collector’s Corner}..~$20

Shaftesbury, Edmund~HOME TRAING COURSES, EMBRACING ALL HUMAN POWERS,  : YOURSELF BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, A TRAINING COURSE IN MAGNIFICENT MANHOOD AND BEAUTIFUL WOMANHOOD, IN THREE GRAND DIVISIONS~Ralston University Press(Meriden ,Conn) 1. the School of Character, 2. Your Temperament, 3. Clearing the Brain, 1929, 403 pages, in good condition, corners and edges are worn some, pages are yellowed some from age,…wafaaebF0…~$50

 Shaftesbury, Edmund ~THE GREAT PSYCHIC, THE MASTER POWER OF THE UNIVERSE, A Study of THE ORIGIN, MEANING AND PURPOSE OF THOSE CONTROLLONG INFLUENCES THAT PRECEDE, ATTEND AND FOLLOW HUMAN EXISTENCE ON EARTH~ Ralston University Press(Meriden ,Conn)  1930, 416 pages, in good condition, some wear on outside cover, discolored on front cover some,pages are yellowed from age… wafaaebF0…~$50

 Shaftesbury, Edmund ~MENTAL MAGNETISM, A Study of the SEVEN REALMS OF MIND AND MASTERY IN THE CONFLICTS OF LIFE,~ Ralston University Press(Meriden ,Conn) 1930, 448 pages, in good condition, corners, edges and boards are worn some, pages are yellowed from age,… wafaaebF0…~$50

  Shaftesbury, Edmund LIFE ELECTRICITY,WITH VITAL LAWS FOR LIVING LONGER, HOW TO USE HUMAN RADIO-ENERGY AS THE BASIS OF EXTRAORDINARY HEALTH VITALITY~ Ralston University Press(Meriden ,Conn)  1930, 414 pages, edges and corners are worn, … wafaaebF0…~$50

 Shaftesbury, Edmund ~LIFE'S SECRETS REVEALED, THE KEYS TO THE FIVE MASTER POWERS THAT UNLOCK THE DEEPER MYSTERIES OF EXISTENCE, A SEARCH FOR THE SOLUTION OF LIFE~ Ralston University Press(Meriden ,Conn)  1928, 419 pages, in good condition, edges and corners are worn some, pages are yellowed from age,….. wafaaebF0…~$50

Sizer,N, and Drayton,HS~Heads and Faces and How to Study Them~Fowler&Wells,1887,hardcover, 200 pp with 245 illustrations." A Manual of Phrenology and Physiognomy"..Front spine is loose, easy to repair…{Collector’s Corner}..~$60

Sobatta, J ~ Atlante di Anatomia Descrittiva ~ Sanson 1953 hardcover. 3 volumes, all VG + condition In Italian…ycaaebmy9 {Collector’s Corner}..~$150

Sobotta,J~ Atlante di Anotomica Descrittium~Sansoni,1953.In 3 volumes , about 250 pp each. In Italian.Exquisite drawings, many in color….{Collector’s Corner}..~$100

Spurzheim,JC .~A View of the Elementary Principles of Education Founded on the Study of the Nature of Man,~3rd american edition,revised and improved by the author.Marsh,Capen,and Lyon,1833pabges..xii, 318 + Publisher’s advertisements for Phrenological books (5p.). 12 mo.19cm. Original publisher’s cloth with remains of the original printed paper label. Spine faded. Early manuscript ownerships, including the "Belles Lettres Society of Dickinson College." Quite scarce in acceptable condition and unlike most copies, this one is not very worn nor is the text foxed.Spurzenheim was probably the most celebrated phrenologist of his day. He assisted Dr. Franz Joseph Gall in spreading the prhrenological theory throughout Germany and Austria. After they separated in 1813, he lectured with considerable success in France and England (where he found an apt disciple in George Combe). He was extending his phrenological influence to America, when he died at Boston in 1832."Spurzheim on Education" is one of his most interesting works. It contains many educational ideas that are today considered "modern" inventions. Also especially valuable are his extensive expositions on women’s rights and the education of women; and on the correction and reform of malefactors and convicts……..{Collector’s Corner}..~$130

Spurzheim,JC~.: Observations on the Deranged Manifestations of the Mind or Insanity ; Boston, MA: Marsh, Capen & Lyon, 1833. First Edition, Foxed o/w Very Good, tall 8vo 260+appendix. Silk covered Green boards, NICE CONDITION….Spurzheim was a doctor of major importance in the history of medicine. He became the leading phrenologist (dividing the brain into functional components) in the world and lectured everywhere. …qbjaaaebF0….~$2000


Titchener, E.B~ A Primer of Psychology~ MacMillian, 1903, hardcover, 316 pages. Has small owner’s stamp, no other markings. Cover shows slight wear;binding is tight.{Collector’s Corner}..~$45

Titchener, E.B~ An Outline of Psychology ~ Macmillian, 1901(1898) hardcover, 379 pages. Cover shows some wear, spine is a little loose, small owner’s stam, no markings…ebn8 {Collector’s Corner}..~$40

Titchener, E.B~ A Textbook of Psychology ~ MacMillian , 1917(1896) hardcover, 553 pages. Small owner’s stamp;very clean, no markings…ebn8{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Titchener, E.B~ Systematic Psychology~ Macmillian , 1929, hardcover, 278 pages. First edition. Very clean, no markings…..ebn8 {Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Titchener, E.B~ Studies in Psychology ~ Wilson, 1917, hardcover, 337 pages. This is actually a collection of writings by various (famous) students of Titcheners. Has small owner’s stamp, no markings, a few nicks, generally VG…ebn8 {Collector’s Corner}..~$45

Titchener, E.B ~Experimental Psychology~ MacMillian, 1910 Volume 1, Qualitative Experiments, hardcover, 456 pages. Small owner’s plate, show some use…en8{Collector’s Corner}..~$80

Titchener E.B~ Experimental Psycholgy ~ MacMillian 1905, Volume II, Quantative Measurements. Part II Instructions manual hardcover. 453 pages. Has small owner’s stamp. Shows normal use; spine has a one inch long nick…ebn8 {Collector’s Corner}..~$80

Toldt,C~An Atlas of Human Anatomy:Angeiology/Neurology/The Organs of the Senses~Rebman, 1913 430 pp.This is the fifth volume(I think) in a series It has 190 exquisite drawings (nervous system and blood vessels. Cover moderately worn, and a little loose; clean inside.. sbaaaebJy9…{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Troward, T. ~ The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science ~ Dodd, Mead, and Company…hardcover, 130 pages. Dated 1909 , but appears to be much newer. Unmarked…{Collector’s Corner}..~$10

Villiger,E~Brain and Spinal Cord~Lippincott,1918(1912) 289 pp hardcover.Shows moderate wear,spine a little loose.Has 232 exquisite drawings…edaaaebJ9…~$60

Virchow, Rudolf Ludwig Karl~Cellular Pathology~; The best English translation of the most influential textbook of pathology during the 19th century. (Garrison & Morton) 1971 Dover Publications - 1st edition; Translated from the second German edition by Frank Chance…..sgaaaebF0…~$125

von Bonin,G. ~Essay on the Cerebral Cortex~Charles C. Thomas,1950,hardback,dj.149 pp..Signed by the author, otherwise in MINT condition ….{Collector’s Corner}..~$175

von Bonin,G. ~Essay on the Cerebral Cortex~Charles C. Thomas,1950,hardback.149 pp..VG ….{Collector’s Corner}..~$100

von Frisch, K. ~ Bees ~ Cornell University Press, 1960 (1950), softcover, 118 pages. Mint condition. Covers vision, chemical senses, language…laac7gvfa8 {Collector’s Corner}..~$40

von Monakow,C~The Emotions,Morality, and the Brain~Nervous and Mental Disease Publishing Co. , 192595 pp. Ex library,  covers have a paper covering , which is mostly worn off the spine; a few pages have some mild underlining. Rare…  wcaaebJ0…{Collector’s Corner}..~$60

Watson JB~ Behavior~ An Introduction to Comparative Psychology ~ Holt, 1914, hardbound, 439 pp.Owner's inscription, otherwise fine cond ……..{Collector’s Corner}..~$40

Willis,T. ~The Anatomy of the Brain~ The 1681 edition,reset and reprinted ,with the original illustrations by Sir Christopher Wren. USV Pharmaceutical Corp,1971,117pp…{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Conolly,J~On the Characters of Insanity~original offprint—for use by members of The Royal Institute of Great Britain 1854,7pp..{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Waller,A~On the Nutrition and reparation of nerves,~original offprint—for use by members of The Royal Institute of Great Britain 1861,4pp..{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Rolleston,G~On the Affinities betweent the Brain of Man and the Brains of Certain Animals~ original offprint—for use by members of The Royal Institute of Great Britain1862,3pp..{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Bain,A~On the Doctrine of Force in its Bearing on Mind~ original offprint—for use by members of The Royal Institute of Great Britain 1867,3pp..{Collector’s Corner}..~$40

Clifford,Wk~ On Some Conditions of Mental Development~ original offprint—for use by members of The Royal Institute of Great Britain 1868,18pp..{Collector’s Corner}..~$40

Carpenter,WB~On the Unconscious Activity of the Brain,~original offprint—for use by members of The Royal Institute of Great Britain 1868,8pp..~$50

Romanes,GJ~Evolution of nerves and Nervo-Systems~ original offprint—for use by members of The Royal Institute of Great Britain 1877,22pp…{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Horsley,V~The Motor Centres of the Brain and the Mechanism of the Will~ originaloffprint—for use by members of The Royal Institute of Great Britain 1885,13 pp..{Collector’s Corner}..~$60

Gaskell,W~ The Sympathetic Nervous System~ original offprint—for use by members ofThe Royal Institute of Great Britain 1886,8 pp..{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Horsley,V~Brain Surgery in the Stone Ages~ original offprint—for use by members ofThe Royal Institute of Great Britain 1887,1 p..{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Gotch,F~Electrical Reactions of the Brain and Spinal Cord~ original offprint—for use bymembers of The Royal Institute of Great Britain (Abstract) 1890,2pp..{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Richardson,BW~The Physiology of Dreams~original offprint—for use by members ofThe Royal Institute of Great Britain 1892,16 pp..{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Gotch,F~The Transmission of a Nervous Impulse~ original offprint—for use by membersof The Royal Institute of Great Britain 1893,2pp..{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Mott,FW~Structure of the Brain in relation to its Functions,~ original offprint—for use by members of The Royal Institute of Great Britain 1899,10 pp..{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Mercier,C~Memory~ original offprint—for use by members of The Royal Institute of Great Britain 1901,17pp..{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Sherrington,CS~Nerve as a Master of Muscle~ original offprint—for use by members of The Royal Institute of Great Britain 1907,10 pp..{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Smith,GE ~The Human Brain~ original offprint—for use by members of The Royal Institute of Great Britain 1924,9 pp..{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Buzzard,F~The Psychology of the Sick~ original offprint—for use by members of The Royal Institute of Great Britain 1928,8 pp..{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Smith,GE~The Evolution of the Mind~ original offprint—for use by members of The Royal Institute of Great Britain 1934,18 pp..{Collector’s Corner}..~$50

Villiger, E ~ Brain and Spinal cord ~ Lippincott, 1918 286 pp . Unmarked, but spine is a little loose….kcaaaebjv9 {Collector’s Corner}..~$60

Von Bonin,G~Some Papers on the Cerebral Cortex~ Thomas,1960, hardcover, dj.Papers translated from french and geraman by von Bonin.Authors include: Flourens,Baillager,Broca,Hitzig,Munk,Goltz,Meynert,Flechig,Brodmann,von monakow,Cajal,Sherrington.Book is in mint condition….zbaaaaaebS9…{Collector’s Corner}..~$220

Wells,SR~Phrenological Journal~ have 9 issues 1865-1869. These are softcover, about 30 pages each and are full of phenological stuff…all are in VG condition, price for each one…{Collector’s Corner}~$40

Willis,T~The Anatomy of the Brain~USV Pharmaceutical ,1971.119 pp. This is an exact replica of the 1681 edition,with the original illustrations by Sir Christopher Wren..VG, clean… rbfaaebS9..{Collector’s Corner}..~$70

Wolff, E ~ The Anatomy of the Eye and Orbit ~ Blakistons 1933 308pp. With 173 illustrations {Collector’s Corner}..~$40

Young,JZ~The Structure,Degeneration and Repair of Nerve Fibres~, original offprint—for use by members of The Royal Institute of Great Britain ,1945,12 pp..{Collector’s Corner}..~$50