if a book is listed here as 'new', it means that it is new, but I only have one copy and it isnt mailed from the publisher, but from me


December 12, 1999

Mascetta,JA~Chemistry,The Easy Way, Barrons Educational Series 1989,367pp,softcover,NEW.. sadaaaCG8S9/..~$10

Hess,FC~Chemistry,Made Simple,by Doubleday Books 1984-,203 pp,trade softcover,NEW.. sadaaaCG8S9/..~$10

Ebbing~ General Chemistry~,byHoughton Mifflin 1990-1034 pp , pp,hardcover,NEW.. sadaaaCG4S9/..~$40

Whitten,KW~ General Chemistry~saunders 1988-,3rd edition , 884 pp,hardcover,NEW.. sadaaaCG4S9/..~$40

Chang ,R~Chemistry,Mcgraw-Hill,1991- Fourth edition,1060 pp,hardcover,NEW.. sadaaaCG4S9..~$40

Mcgee,HA ~Molecular Engineering,~McGraw-Hill,1991,444 pp,hardcover,NEW.. sadaaaCG4S9..~$30

Hewitt ,PG~Conceputual Physics~Harper 1989-hardcover, 725 pp,textbook NEW.vadaaCG#9 S9..~$25

Smith,M~ Organic Chemistry~HarperCollins college outline,1993-,582 pp,trade softcover,NEW.. sadaaaCG4S9/..~$8

Siegel ,G~Basic Neurochemistry~Raven Press1989-hardcover, pp, NEW.vadaaCG#9 S9..~$34

Dean ,J~Lange`s Handbook of Chemistry~, Mcgraw-Hill 1985-hardcover, pp, NEW.vadaaCG# 9S9..~$40

Achinstein,P~Particles and Waves~Oxford1991-trade softcover,336 pp, NEW.vadaaCG#8 S9..~$25

Starzak,ME~.Mathematical Methods in Chemistry and Physics~by Plenum Press1989-hardcover,646 pp, NEW.vadaaCG11S9..~$50

Williams ,WSC~Nuclear and Particle Physics~Oxford 1991-trade softcover, 384 pp, NEW.vadaaCG#9 S9..~$30

Torretti,R~Creative Understanding;Philosophical Reflections on Physics~Univ of Chicago Press 1990 trade softcover, 369 pp NEW..hadaaCG#10..~$22

Stranges,AN ~Electrons and Valence~Texas A&M Univ.Press 1982-hardcover, 291 pp"development of the theory", NEW.vadaaCG#10 S9..~$40

Guinier ,A~The Structure of Matter~Arnold 1992, 230 pp ,trade softcover,NEW.. sadaaaCG10S9..~$28

Baggott ,J~The Meaning of Quantum Theory~Oxford 1994-trade softcover,230 pp, NEW.vadaaCG#10 S9..~$25

Feynman,RP~ QED The Strange Theory of Light and Matter~Princeton 1985-trade softcover,158pp, NEW.vadaaCG#10S9..~$10

M-Barrow,JD~ The Left Hand of Creation~Oxford 1993, revised and updated edition-trade softcover, 253 pp, NEW.vadaaCG#10S9..~$10

Atkins,PW~ Atoms,Electrons, and Change~Scientific American 1991-,244 pp,hardcover,NEW.. sadaaaCG11S9..~$20

CooperJR,~The Biochemical Basis of Neuropharmacology~ Oxford

1991- 6th edition---trade softcover,454 pp;NEW....gacaaCG3S9..~$12

Daintith,J~A Concise Dictionary of Chemistry,by Oxford 1990 trade softcover , NEW.. fadaaCGS9..~$7