January 02, 2000


This is a Professor W.R. Wells Double Current Electropathetic Instrument. It has a complete original label on the inside top cover. The age is probably late 1800's by the looks of the case and the label. The box is either walnut or mahogoney. It is in great condition with only a few minor scratches to the wood. The front has a key hole and two round wholes plus a knob and rod that moves in and comes out. The inside of the box has brass fittings and other wires and instruments that I know nothing about. The hinges and lock is brass. The box is about 6 in. tall and 10 in. wide. It is about 7 in. deep.


Neuromuscular stimulator. Antique . For collectors only , not for medical use. nice wooden housing  $220





Lafayette EEG machine. Nice wooden case. Works








Very early book on LSD








Model of Human ear . still sealed . $40